Gemstone Pharma/Labs US domestic Intro

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Gemstone Pharma, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Jurgen

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    I was bored.. @Ejetson you’re welcome
  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Yay! The weeklong distraction is over!

    Can we go back to vetting now?
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    You are the WeWork of sources. Expand and chase market share, ignore the quality of the product, disregard market participants and their needs, and hope like Hell that you can eventually flip the switch to profitability. You’re going to get buried fast my man. You did no testing before product launch, so you didn’t really care of what you were selling was any good. You’re going to do that now, but not before you add another marketplace. This is the opposite of how any sustainable business is run. I want you to explain, in detail, how you think this is ever going to work. I’m being serious. I make a living by picking out businesses that have their shit together and avoiding those that don’t. And right now you’re not on the happy side of the ledger. Think this through before you make any other major decisions.
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    I was gonna try and wait till @Gemstone Pharma made it official, but what the hell... First off I’d like to thank the blue eyed curly haired baby jesus- A Salam Malekem homie! Second I’d like to thank @Jurgen for being bored- You my boy blue! Thirdly I’d like to thank @BigBaldBeardGuy for just being that guy- I love ya man give em hell! Secondly I’d like to thank that jar that couldn’t hold more than 839 jellybeans. And secondly I wanna props to those juicy delectable beans of jelly- I owe y’all one. Who else.... oh yea I LOVE YOU MOM!
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    Yeah gemstones prob a sting operation , good luck . Can’t even post a pic of lab , stressing his undercover guys he’s about to blow his cover unless they can find a lab to use , prob got pristines . Something very OFF about this guy , I’m sketched out
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    The copy/pasta of the intro is next level laziness, which either means LE or it means just a lazy dude. Neither make a good source. But I’m willing to watch and see if he can turn it around. More good sources is better for the marketplace overall.
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    Nah this muthafucker is finished here


    upon close up inspection of the gear I can see floaters in at least 2 vials. Please if you bought this dudes shit get a close up look with a flashlight.

  8. You bought from this guy... And never posted pics (i think). Let's see some floaters, then we'll burn this bitch to the ground.
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  9. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Hello! Now you got our attention! Is it time to get burny and stabby with torches and pitchforks?! Give us just one good pic and it’s ON!
  10. Uttukuxul

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    Large if veracious. If you can, kindly let us feast our eyes upon the vials in question good sir.
  11. Noah86

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    Can you tell if the floaters are Jelly Bean Debris possibly?

    @MisterSuperGod didn’t you call it earlier in the thread he might just be using coffee filters? Lol
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    Best pictures I could get
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  13. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Wait a minute. He did! How would he know that? @MisterSuperGod must be Gemstone.

    By day he’s an otherwise unassuming Regional Manager at Hot Topic, blending in with the weirdest of the weird. It’s the perfect cover for a hack brewer.

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  14. Tiredandhot

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    Your right, hes done.
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  15. Sp2.0

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    I call bullshit. With an intro as solid as his and his revolutionary high oil low hormone line. Plus the fact that he said we could trust him. He posted pics of hair nets. Shit I can go on and on. You hater motherfuckers always trying to run off the good ones.
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  17. Time for you to see how many of those vials you can get up your ass @Gemstone Pharma and let us have a contest to see how many you can fit.
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    @Iron_Yuppie We have something in common in choosing good businesses to work with. I lightly proposed another way to vet these sources - require them to submit a business plan to us playing the role of bankers. It would all be covered: what is their experience, what does plant/equipment look like (ha, for most), how are they going to be profitable, how do they plan to market, how much inventory do they plan on maintaining, etc.

    Just like a legitimate business, it shows, at a minimum, they are committed.

    On second thought, asking drug dealers to submit their business plans to us may be a stretch.
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