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  1. JMpMasterSteve

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    So is this source g2g? Lol
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  2. @desertwarrior would you mind sucking up the red glob into a syringe for an easier view?

    Or better yet, get it out of the vial and put it on something black to get a better look at what the hell that could be?
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  3. bolder

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    Dammit guys! For once let’s focus on what’s really important! The jelly bean contest and @Ejetson being the lucky winner! :p

    I take a long winter nap and wake up to see this fucker making another bad decision and going to pay to source on another board. Fuck testing when you can just pay to play... :rolleyes:

    @desertwarrior is there anyway that you can get a pic with the label showing a little and the top of the vial showing in the pic?
    I’m not trying to discredit you at all. But all I see is a floater in a vial. I don’t see any reason that you would not be telling the truth because I don’t see anything you could gain by calling out this source.
    I just think it would leave no doubt in anyone’s mind if you could add that to your pics.
  4. $BlackBeard

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    20g pin should be good to use...
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  5. Noah86

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    How is the 3CC to the Calves feeling with Gems Floaters all up in there now?
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Our boy Elroy hasn’t logged in since Monday. It’d be nice if he could put his detective skills to work and inspect for floaters in his gear.

    Of course, maybe he’s in the hospital getting 1/2 his calf lopped off.
  7. MindlessWork

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    Maybe BOP will take him.

    He must have gotten scared and ran to the ER after seeing @desertwarrior 's pics of vials with floaters and hair in them.
  8. Uttukuxul

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    I fucking called it - 21 pages ago.
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  9. bolder

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    Holy fuck! Two separate floater events. Same source.... o_O

    More are sure to come! Smh! :rolleyes:

    I didn’t think this was gonna end well, just READ THE TRANSCRIPTS! I mean thread :D
    Got confused with this and the impeachment hearings and Trumps social media... :p

    If anyone visits the Pristine thread before I get a chance to they should probably mention that anyone that took up Gemmy’s offer to check there vials!!
  10. Noah86

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    The sad and absolute truth of the matter is this source was most likely rebranded weather from here or another board.

    He will eventually will pop out again, perhaps making sure his filters from flask A to Flask B and then to Flask C bullshit is more on point and possibly might actually filter his product correctly. But none the less he will rebrand and simply reappear , either here, or BOP,ASF,SST or wherever.

    You really think Giant Labs, Atlantic, Olympia, Sparta, Prestine aren’t going to continue to respawn and resurrect in different forums and even change their articulation of grammar and whatever else.

    At least I know if Anyone ever see’s another Jelly Bean Contest, you won’t ever forget “The Gem”
  11. Nothing to see here. Doubt Gemy will be back. Let this thread die.


    Don’t buy from this source.
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  12. MindlessWork

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    And you called it on Sunday.
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  13. Iron_Yuppie

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    I don’t know, underwriting the IPO for a source actually sounds crazy enough to work. Some people don’t know what the role of the banks are in an offering, but it isn’t lending money. It’s loaning the company their reputation as a trusted agent who’s done their due diligence. Before they do that they make sure the company knows what the fuck they’re doing and insures they aren’t lying. A lot of sources could use a few adults in the room.

    I love this idea. You are brilliant and you may not even realize it.
  14. Tmisatix

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    Floaters for extra anabolism
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  15. earthproTREN

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    very true, you forgot about sasquatch
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  16. $BlackBeard

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    @Iron_Yuppie I’m on a quick getaway before the holidays. I do my best thinking relaxed...

    This is exactly what I was getting at. It may not be a bad idea to take this to another thread as I think most everyone wants this one to die a quick death.
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  17. Jswole220

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    First off no one invited you to asf you inquired about going there. A thread has already been made and I’ll be sure to comment in it about how much you fucking suck as a source, your half dosed ass gear that makes no sense at all when someone has to buy 30 packs of orals to run for a month, you lack of knowing what your doing, and the shit floating in your vials.

    I’m telling you now save your money because I promise you if you go to asf I will personally see to it that no one orders from you. Your a joke of a source. Hit the books, do some research, study successful sources and what they do, save your money and buy some raws, get your shit tested, and then attempt to come back here under a new name.
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  18. Canesfan8701

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    Please don’t attempt to come back.. just look into a 9-5 the world needs janitors as well
  19. Ejetson

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    But I’m still the winner of the contest right? And if everyone is saying the gear is tainted I wonder if I could just get the jelly beans instead?
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