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  1. Tiredandhot

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    Jellybeans probably contaminated too. Would not eat.
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  2. Tiredandhot

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    Source has his last online time disabled on his profile. He's not coming back, hopefully this dies. Hate it for all the guys who bought from him. I think he planned everything he did to get a quick buck before his crap gear was caught.
  3. Ejetson

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    Man WTF, you don’t how hard and long I worked coming up with that specific number of jellybeans. So listen, I’ll take a half&half deal. just put the vials in the jar of jellybeans, close the lid, slap some stamps on it, and drop in the mailbox. Id be cool with that
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  4. Nononsense

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  5. Ejetson

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    But that just means the filter particles have been filtered, right??
  6. bolder

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    With these latest events everything kind of came back full circle with ole Gemmy here.
    I don’t ever recall a source ripping off another sources intro until now. Maybe they just wasn’t ever caught doing it, idk?
    Seems to me that the real reason why he used Omegas intro and sterilization process is because he didn’t have a clue how to properly do this process himself, and now that’s been clearly shown. o_O

    This shit sucks too... I was just starting to like this source :rolleyes: :p
  7. Uttukuxul

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    If he comes back as "Black Magic Ass Juice" I will personally order the first pack.

    Bruh you know he didn't wash his hands before jarring those gemmy-beans

    Bag it & tag it Meso, this one's out to pasture.
  8. getswole89

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    Damn bros I've been gone for 5 years and still the same shit with most of the sources
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  9. Brotato

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    told you he used coffee filters, they can't catch the floaters.
  10. nealcaffrey16

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    this some crazy shit. people gonna people. I should learn how to brew, my god how simple of a business this is to get right. literally every bit of detail handed to you for success, by your potential customer base lmao, and still they don't get it right. amazing.
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  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    For the dudes that got burned by Pristine and then took Gemmy up on his 50% off special, you should scroll back to Page 1 and quietly read this thread again. There were red flags everywhere. Don’t ever buy this stuff based on emotion. You need to be thinking clearly.

    Don’t get desperate and don’t get overly excited. If you find that you have those feelings you need to step away from your computer or put your phone down. That will save you from making mistakes.

    Read and make logical decisions. If the deal seems to good to be true, guess what - its probably a scam. If a guy says he ordered then WAIT to see if he gets his shit. And if someone doesn’t have tested stuff, DO NOT BUY. If a member here is sending off a sample, you might as well wait. Getting $10 vials sounds amazing unless you can’t even use those vials safely. Save time and crumple up your bills and throw them directly into your toilet.

    The MESO Vetting Process (TM) works. The people that ordered quickly enabled Gemmy to bypass the vetting. That undermines the vetting. We need to stick together collectively to show these fuckers who’s in charge. We DON’T need them, they are guests and they can stay as long as they play by the rules. This is what protects us.

    Read the thread again, listen to the guys beating on Gemmy. It’s for a reason. Use this as a learning experience. It’s one thing to get burned, it’s another thing to inject foreign particles into your body and get an infection. That’s brutal and if you don’t have good health insurance it’ll cost way more than getting ripped off for a few hundred.
  12. yc24allday

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    Amen to that
  13. yc24allday

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    Lol after what happened with prissy I’ve made a new rule to myself don’t hoard gear I’ll only order when I’m prepping for my next cycle lesson learned
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    Very well put. I’ve been here a while. I’m always around. I don’t always comment. I contribute when it’s relevant and appropriate. And sometimes just to make a joke. But this is serious shit. Our health, safety, and freedom should ALWAYS be most important. Even more important than getting gains and pussy.

    Too bad this whole thread can’t become a sticky for every newbie that comes here looking for gear and every new source that wants to learn what NOT to do. It would be good because it was short and the outcome we all expected came fast. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Especially @BigBaldBeardGuy, @bolder and @Nononsense. Sorry if I’m forgetting someone. When the next dipshit source comes around, I’m gonna be first bitches.
  15. bolder

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    Thanks man but You forgot @MisterSuperGod
    His work here was awesome from the start! :cool:
  16. Horimono

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    Geronimo’s good looking, gay (just a rumor) brother Horonimo thanks you too.
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  18. Tiredandhot

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    Did you bother reading any of the last few pages? No, apparently not.

    I see you spamming asking about dnp. Guess you missed a source on the first page of steroid underground.
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    2nd day here and you’re already showing that you are little more than a functioning retard. Go fuck off back to whatever shit board you came from.
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    Packaging 3/10 - masking tape and sandwich bags

    I was a COD customer emailed him to send payment still waitin on response.. so far doesn’t seem to be any floaters but I’ll look better at home with a light.

    The oral dbol looks, tastes, and smells like cough syrup. Red liquid... very faint/non exsistent smell of the grain alcohol. Doubt it’s even what it’s suppose to be. I planned to send out a sample of each but seems as if he is ghost now... smh
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