Genotropin Pricing - pharmacy vs. street

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    Omnis are premixed and have to be kept cool. Generic GH and Seros or other lyophilized GH does not need to be kept cool before reconstitution.

    How are you by the way big guy? Been a while.

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    The word Jano is looking for is Counterfit.

    There are much more counterfeit Genos on the market that actually contain GH than truly fake. They are just knock offs made by the Chinese.

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    That’s for 36iu $200. What I’m saying is you can easily get 72iu pens for about $300-400 if you have a overseas source. Plus your ripping people off at $200 a pen that $640 for 108iu seriously that would not even last you a month get the fuck out of here you know kids 20-30’s somethings don’t have that kind of coin that’s why they go for all the cheap kits. Not throwing stones here because I have bought a ton of cheap kits. I can get 36iu GH pens from a Swiss company for $150 or less shipped too many sources try to gouge people on GH. When my new batch comes in 72iu Humatrope for $350 all day I got them anyone interested just drop me a line. Why would I pay $440 for 64iu. Also, only reason I’m obsessed with GH is because I’m old close to 50 and it’s the fountain of youth. Here’s my old ass I know I’m not as big as I used to be but hey I’m a catch for the seniors lol.
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    yes it has been a while, I hope things are well with you.

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    Some time ago I left this place (had my reasons) but today stumbled upon this tread... Lack of research never stop amazes (amuses) me.

    On the subject of Turkish Pharma HGH:

    The turkish equivalent of Social Security Administration subsidizes certain class of prescription drugs (HGH is subsidized, Sex aid are not).

    This is the website y'all can check the price (seems to be outdated) of HGH: Humatrope 36 Iu 12 Mg Kartuş - İlaç Prospektüsü
    Scroll all the way down for prices of all pharma brands. Use online currency convertor.

    Called while ago a pharmacy in Edirne - Humatrope 36IU today is 720 Turkish lira.

    Any turkish pharmacy will sell you your proffered brand if you have prescription (and I use "prescription" very loosely - interpret as you wish). Normally you have to call 24h in advance so they can get it from "controlled environment warehouse". Penalty for selling fakes in "walk in" pharmacy is long stay at federal pound me in the ass turkish prison (Midnight express) :)

    Use this app to verify for obvious inconsistencies (serial number, expiration date etc)
    ‎İlaç Takip Sistemi Mobil

    For example (scanned a minute ago)


    ilacin guncel fiyati = current price of the drug

    1542.59 Turkish Lira = $266.14

    Again, those are the "walk in" pharmacy facts. Any price below that is certainly a fake... Interpret as you wish.
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    @DragoT Distribution center is the first stop in the cold chain once it leaves the factory. That's the best possible price for Turkish goods. I used to get 36iu Huma for the price of nice running shoes. Even less if I bought bulk. If I had to guess I would think they can be bought at $100 in bulk.

    Before anybody asks he no longer works there. Still can't get myself to delete his list. :(

    GENOTROPIN 16 IU (5,3 mg) GoQuick $65
    GENOTROPIN 36 IU (12 mg) GoQuick $138
    HUMATROPE 18 IU 6 mg $75
    HUMATROPE 36 IU 12 mg $140
    HUMATROPE 72 IU 24 mg $290
    SAIZEN 8 mg Click Easy $95
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