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    Please check out the pics I uploaded yesterday of some of our raw stock.
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    Good morning everyone,

    For those of you who were brave enough to try us out and take advantage of the 30% off, thank you greatly. The sale will continue until the beginning of next week. I am here on and off all day to answer questions. For the member asking for the mixer model I will have that by this evening for you. Thank you all!
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    The fact that you are calling anyone supposedly buying your product brave is a red flag in and of itself. It shouldn’t take any bravery or courage to buy gear online, it’s completely anonymous. The source (you) should have posted enough pictures and info to make anyone reasonably comfortable with their purchase.

    Also, you promised the mixer info 2 days ago.
  4. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    That’s the fucking understatement of the day.

    Anyone dumb enough to order should first read the thread and realize you have ZERO idea what you’re doing.

    Your caps aren’t made correctly so there’s no way they are accurately dosed. Some caps will be low-dosed and some caps will be significantly over-dosed depending upon which part of the mix the cap was pulled from.

    None of your raws are tested. It’s impossible for you to keep track of batches. And most importantly you have really no idea what filter you are using.

    Testing will be posted in a few weeks. There’s no reason to order before those tests are posted.
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    Just the fact that he is throwing granulated raws in with his filler without the mortar and pestle is enough to turn me off to the whole idea. Thats like, the first thing you read about when capping orals, well besides the math. Which, seems like he just skimmed over both of those in the homebrew section.

    Brave...word of the day, besides...

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    Mortar and pestle have been ordered, and I have inquired about an autoclave and should have one purchased within the next two weeks. When I say the word “brave” I am saying that because there have been no confirmed touchdowns as of yet. Thank you and good morning !
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    I have already placed an order for .22 PTFE filters from a domestic based company. I have invested quite a large sum of money into this and will continue to gain knowledge and apply it. Going back to the question a member had regarding what I will do if something comes back with a bad testing result. I will fully refund that person, and anyone else who has purchased from the same batch of raws/finished product. I will go above and beyond to make things right. Thank you and have a blessed morning
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    NOW you’re buying a M&P??? Up until now you’ve just been throwing shit together??? WTF is wrong with you man? Seriously, you are a threat to the community. Your fucking Sdrol could be even more potent than 50mg and could fucking kill someone. KILL someone!!!
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    The sdrol capsules have been pulled.
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    ALL capsules have been pulled from inventory. All capsules have been discarded and I will update you once they are all back in stock. The liquid orals are all still available and sdrol caps and liquid will be changed to 20mg.
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    So you haven’t already sold any caps????
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    Hey brother, you don't need a mortal and pestle for most APIs. I would do so for products such as arimidex, Pramipexole, or other 1mg dosed items that come crystalline. You want the API to be micronized or close to it, so that it's disbursement is more even.

    The best course of action would just be to use a mix blend for higher dosed compounds that compliments the API. I would use a 50/50 blend of MCC / Tablet sugar (with a lubricant). For say 25 mg Anavar tablets (or capsules), this mix would ensure proper mixing and flow. I am not saying that micronizing every API is a detriment, I am just saying it's unneeded in the big picture.

    This assumes the preparation involves a pharmaceutical blender, and no granulation.

    But hey, what do I know.
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    That doesn’t prove shit!

    Post the following...

    Finished product stock
    Everything used for sterilization
    All brewing items
    Clean room where brewing/capping takes place.
    And anything else you use..

    Either you post it to prove yourself or you don’t and prove you have nothing to offer!
  14. WCL

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    Superdrol is usually like flour, he doesn't need a mortar and pestle for it.

    Guys; what do you think a mortar and pestle does? It has nothing to do with the actual blending of the products. I feel like you guys think he's mixing up his superdrol and some cornstarch in a mortal and pestle and then he's done lol.
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Sounds like you know a lot more than Tiny from Giant Labs. He’s the one that’s looking to source though and should be the expert at this stuff.

    Mixing coarse grained raws with cornstarch he most definitely needs a mortar and pestle though. Especially the lady var. if you’re even offering lady var you better know the legitimacy of your raws and you better be able to make the caps the correct way. There’s no room for error.

    Time for my token PSA: Just run a google search for “Denise Masino Nude” if you wanna see what high dose AAS does to your little lady!
  16. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    His superdrol is dosed at 50 mg per cap. Mixed properly or not it’s still RETARDED
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  17. T-Bagger

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    Don’t forget Anavar
  18. WCL

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    No one should use corn starch for mixing caps, have you ever tried to work with it? Might as well use it as lube while you're at it. It's fucking retarded and a huge mess and a sure way to frustrate the hell out of your mixing goon.

    He should use Berry sugar with Anavar, or the old bro-way using Creatine, Protein powder, or Maltodextrin.
  19. WCL

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    Yes, I think this guy is the same idiot from before... He seems like he has no clue.
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    No I have not. The few orders that have been made included one order of orals which was requested in liquid