Giant Labs *US Domestic Introduction*

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    LMAO good call!
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    Next to nothing? I have provided proof of close to 5-8 KILOS of raw powder. Yes, I understand you would like pictures of next to everything, but I am not going to do that. I have shown proof of raw stock, reached out to purchase an autoclave, pulled ALL caps until the M&P come in, adjusted dose on sdrol, and answered every single question. Thank you for continuing to vet my intro as everyone’s input only makes me more knowledgeable to be able to provide the best quality gear in the safest fashion. Hope everyone is having a blessed day!
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    I am also making a donation to anabolic labs as I fully stand behind the testing and I am in the process of sending in multiple compounds, both finished and raw for testing. Thank you all and have a wonderful rest of your day.
  4. As i said, even the wannabe extortionist @Sak had raws, and since you've been squirreling away little raws purchases here and there, you likely have multiple batches of different purity, so your blind overdosing is going to have your dosages all over the fucking map.

    You won't post more because there is no more. Why don't you want to post stock or label pics? Because you're making batches to order, then when it all blows up in your face, you can turn around and open another source thread within hours of burning this one, all without having to take a single loss.

    Your scam is nothing new. You're an amateur and a fraud.
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    Save your money. Lmao, you're gonna need it for rent pretty soon. You would probably have more luck on a paid source board. BOP usually doesnt care about the shit they push, go set up home over there. They will even protect you from the big bad guys that ask reasonable questions and want to see your set up.
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  6. They won't ask for a single pic. Just pay your fees, post a list and a few technical terms and it will be "Welcome. Nice list!" like they've known of you for years.
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    No pictures of your stock of oils would most likely explain the very slow volume of business you are doing.

    If you just got out of your own way you’d realize that all of our advice would HELP you.

    To be successful here you gotta learn how to shut up and fucking listen.

    There’s A LOT of people on this board so whatever you dreamed of making could easily be 10x that if you did things the correct way.
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    Hey, where is @Brawny? He usually jumps into these vetting processes. Haven’t seen him for a minute.
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    Thank you for you concern. I have enough funds saved from over the years to accommodate anything that comes up and to acquire anything necessary such as the autoclave that has been acquired about.
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    I completely understand and I will provide things that have been asked of me.
  11. i'm willing to bet he only has 10 vials of each compound made up for the first couple noob orders and has the rest brewed up and sitting in covered beakers.

    The odd shipping schedule provides him time to syringe filter a couple more vials if needed while he waits for testing results. If the results come back overdosed, he just has to dilute what he's already brewed, or toss in more raws if the results come back underdosed.

    Then when this shoddy operation goes to hell, he can rebrand and will have a first batch that will test well, allowing him to get his foot in the door with a new lab name.

    Sketchy Labs will be here with accurately dosed gear a couple Friday's from now. Just wait and see.
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  12. Once you get the autoclave, what are you gonna do with your top of the line Salvation Army bought stove? Give it back to them? That would be a nice gesture on your part.
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    So why in the world would you go cheap on the filters instead of buying Watman filters like pretty much every other source in the US?

    Which brings us to a question we forgot to ask earlier. What make and model is your scale that you use to weigh out everything?
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    Uhhh, nah. No concern for a scamming fuck such as yourself at all. You're a hazard to other members and to yourself. You say you were a member here for 7 years, did you actually log in and participate? Ive only been on meso for a little over a year and I fully know better than to come in here and try to source with this weak ass intro and spewing nonsense.

    If you knew anything about meso or how to properly brew and cap, this entire thread would have went another way, but nope. You're a lying, scamming piece of shit and Im starting to get annoyed with your fuckery. I foresee this thread getting burned the fuck down, "very soon" with tranny pics and long winded rants.
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    Right, havent seen @Brawny since late May I think. Hope everything is ok with the lil guy.
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    Lol, what if he has dropped enough hints and he is actually Old School himself??? :eek::eek::D
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    Lol, that would be legendary. He’s sitting there telling us to read between the lines!

    I’m pretty sure he would have fired off an angry reply by now though. Unless he somehow is showing an insane level of self restraint!
  18. I haven’t seen one titty pic in this whole thread....did I miss something? :confused:
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    It is alway funny when the most unamerican people think they are more American than than the people born and raised here.
  20. And titties