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    It proves that I yes indeed do have a very large amount of raws which are currently being sent in for testing
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    Never sourced before !
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    So you’re saying you’re a brand new idiot...
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    Obviously you don’t take this seriously so don’t be surprised that no one here will take you seriously either! Smh!

    You will not make it here!

    You are the kind of source we try to keep out of here! Your entire operation is bad all around. You are a health risk, a security risk, and a dumbass!!

    You’re not even trying here and that makes me believe that you are a POS scammer or like @MisterSuperGod said you are Sak!
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    @Giant labs no comment on why you’re 2 days behind in getting pics of filter and model numbers of the mixer?

    We’re also still waiting to know how you know what raws are what, all you’ve been able to say is test cyp has a certain smell. What about the other 20 products you have?
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    It’s called “trust” bro. He trusts his raws supplier and his gear sniffing abilities :rolleyes:
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    My apologies, I will have the make and model tonight for you
  8. He guesses. Just like how he guesses that a 15% overdose of raws should be good enough to reach label claim, or that the stove he bought from the Salvation Army is good enough to sterilize all of his glassware and vials.

    It's been like America's Got Talent around Meso lately. Only the talent is nothing but a bunch of drooling, inbred window lickers and the judges don't vote, they just laugh and shake their heads in disbelief and disgust.

    @Giant labs If nothing else, you've written a book of what not to do for future sources with this trainwreck thread you started. So now if someone calls you worthless, they're only 99% correct.
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    I like this really mean side of you. I have not seen this before and to be honest, it’s great!

    Bet you thought and were hoping I said it turned me on. I’m not @HIGHRISK
  10. Some of these sources just irk my last fucking nerve.
    This sketchy, lying sack of shit is on that last nerve right now.

    Had he put a single ounce of effort into becoming a source here, things might very well be different, but he didn't.

    Instead we get some lame assfuck that makes excuses, has provided next to no proof that he actually has anything to sell and has the nerve to quote lines from the sources handbook, like we're all a bunch of morons that have never read that shit before.

    Remember your hated for Venom? That's exactly how i feel about old school Tiny and the scam he's trying to run here.
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    It used to be that sources would learn to brew and cap properly before they started sourcing. What ever happened to that?

    It's goddamned amateur hour around here, lately. 50mg caps of superdrol tell me that this guy knows sweet fuck all. He used the wrong filters to filter his gear, identifies powders by smell... I mean, are these cabbages for real? Fuck me sideways.

    It would be funny if his fuck ups couldn't cause people serious injury.
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    There are literally no words for how much I hated that guy.
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    Alot? Thats how much I dispised Lionhead.
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    If I could have watched him die 1,000 deaths, with each one increasingly more gruesome and horrific than the last, my hatred for him would still not be quenched.
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    Thats so sexy...
  16. Hi, friends. Tiny here from Giant Labs.

    Are you sick and tired of sources that come to Meso properly, bringing tested raws and finshed products from day one? Or sources that are transparent and comply with the requests of members? i know i am and i know you are too!

    i bring you Giant Labs. At Giant Labs, we don't trust the pseudo science that is analytical testing, instead we rely on the tried and true method of blind guessing and overdosing.

    Oils? Our oils are the finest grade you'll find. i believe it's GSO, but i just sat down and i'm not getting back up to look in the cupboard. But i'm pretty sure it's GSO or something close to that. i know it has a 3 letter acronym, let's put it that way.

    Sterility? Let me google that... Ohhh okay, makes sense. Here at Giant Labs we pride ourselves on sterility. We bake all of our glassware and vials in an electric stove that was purchased from our local Salvation Army. Yes, we're all about giving back to the community. To further ensure sterility, we wipe down most visible surfaces of the oven with a new or slightly used Mr Clean Magic Eraser.

    Capping? Oh we do that too. We take the raw materials, toss that in a freezer bag that we purchased from Walmart, 10 for $2, you can't beat that with a stick! Then we get some filler and toss that in the bag too. Then we shake the bag while counting to 10 Mississippi and bingo, bango, boingo, we got perfectly mixed orals. Oh, we also weigh and measure all that stuff too, but the details of how we do that are unimportant.

    Pics? Well, here's the thing. We here at Giant Labs are old school. The thought of taking a picture or two and putting it on the internet is just mind blowing to us. i mean that literally! When i think about that, i get all clammy and dizzy and have to sit down. We'd really prefer that you just take our word for it. Why would we lie? That wouldn't fall inline with our old school philosophy.

    Filters? We now filter our gear! We use an unknown brand that we purchased in bulk from Alibaba. We can't read Chinese or Japanese or whatever crazy symbol language is on the box, but we heard that .22 micron filters were the best, so i'm assuming that's what we have because Alibaba is best known for it's high quality goods.

    Bottom line, Giant Labs is here to serve the Meso community and we're ready to become the leader of the pack amongst US domestic sources.

    Give us a try. You can even pay securely and hassle free with Wester Union. Just place an order, we'll give you the receivers information and you can send us your hard earned money with confidence in knowing that a package with most or all of what you ordered will eventually be mailed to you.

    Thank you, friends. Have a blessed day and may god, buddha or some other deity watch over you and protect you.
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    Now this intro, T-Bagger can get behind 100% and rep for, as the realest mfer around, who literally lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and shits this shit!!!!! ORDER UP WITH CONFIDENCE GENTLEMEN!!!!
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    That was great! And it puts the intros for these shitty labs in the proper perspective - it probably took you less than 5 minutes to bang that out. So shitty labs put almost ZERO effort into it.
  19. Probably the first truth you've told us yet. Clearly you've never sourced, never researched how to source and you couldn't spell the word source without the aid of autocorrect.
  20. Happy to report a TD from Tiny at Giant Labs. Comms, t/a and packaging were second to none. A1. +1. G2G.

    What appears to be an empty vial at first glance is actually a revolutionary new process in stealth oil technology.

    Tiny assures me that there is properly dosed gear inside and say's that i will have to purchase and reverse engineer an infrared light to be able to see it.

    Since he's been so honest and forthcoming this whole time, i have no reason to think that he's a lying, scamming scumbag.


    You all don't realize it now, but you will. This new stealth oil technology is the first shot fired in the anabolic revolution.

    Eat your heart out, Myogen!