Guys over 50 and HGH - Thoughts - Benefits?

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by NorthMich, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. NorthMich

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    I thought I’d ask what guys found as benefits.

    Joints and ligaments? Any improvement?


    Muscle mass?

    I’m getting blood work and might consider hgh in addition to TRT

    Thanks for any thoughts
  2. ironwill1951

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    its very expensive for pharma some think its the fountain of youth..not true.
    the jury is still out on what it can actually do for you or to you.
  3. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    I’m gonna get more out of AAS, no doubt. Seems like a lot of internet talk about hgh, but no one’s jumping up and down about it on these forums. That’s what I like about forums.
  4. rpbb

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    I'm using it right now with the goal of leaning out a little bit (2 IU's a day), and to see if I can get an ache in my shoulder to go away. But I'm giving it months to see if it has any effect
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  5. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    Man, I’d love to hear how this goes for you
  6. NorthMich

    NorthMich Member Supporter

    And your also 56. I’m very interested
  7. lilhawk

    lilhawk Member

    The best thing you can take. Don't waste your time with generics, if you have the money get pharma GH, take 3-4iu daily and enjoy. Well worth the money, and its really not that expensive. People that say it takes months and months to see results don't know what they're talking about, or have bunk GH. Within a week you will notice increased fullness, greater pumps, improved sleep, improved well being, etc. Any aches and pains that were joint/ligament/tendon related are gone. GH and some test, and you're set.
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