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    Guys, correct me if I’m wrong, but hair loss that occurs on cycle usually occurs in those genetically predisposed to alopecia correct? That’s to say, if you’re not predisposed to genetic alopecia, you shouldn’t experience hair loss on cycle, correct? I think a lot of people exaggerate hair loss on AAS. Of course if you’re genetically set to go bald, AAS will increase the rate of hair loss while on cycle as that’s simple DHT science.
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    Do you put the rogaine everywhere or only on the thin spots?
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    thats wayyyyyyyy overkill and would be expensive. propecia and nizoral shampoo if theres no luck with those two then the person just was not ment to have hair and will eventually loose it anyway wether juice is in the equation. rogaine does not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had unlimited free supply from my dermatologist , i have yet to see anyone have sucess with rogaine
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    Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    But how do you know if you’re genetically predisposed for it or not??
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    But how do you know if it’s in your genetics or not??....
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    Rogaine worked for me or is working for me. It took a long time though that’s for sure. But I did get it back
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    interesting, glad to hear that
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    usually have a slight receding hairline, sort of like a v shape in the front and slightly thinner hair in the back. those are usually the two spots where the hairloss starts. but everyone has diff ages when it starts to go. A possible sign is if you put something like a styling gel or a wax to do your hair then after a good wash sometimes you will see hair in you hand while washing it. This was my experience when it started thining aswell as a few of my friends
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    Where does one get these prescription drugs like dutasteride or fin? I have yet to see UGLs that Cary them
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    Dermatologist brah
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    Im 49 and have a full head of hair. Everybody loses hair from gels, washing etc. Thats not a good indicator unless its getting worse than usual.
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    I recently had a hair transplant. Cost me 8k. I was predisposed to MPB. I really started to notice significant hair loss while on cycle. Every time I combed my hair or when I got out of the shower, I’d see 10-15 hairs in my towel. My head would also itch and feel numb/tingle at times.

    My advice is if you think your predisposed and want to run gear, get on the propecia. It’s key to address your hairloss early before you lose most of it. The propecia won’t neccesary generate regrowth, but it will help greatly with keeping the hair you already have. Ive been using it for 2 years with zero side effects.

    Also avoid using high amounts of test, which will produce more dht in your body, which will lead to hair loss. I usually run 12wk test only cycles at a moderate dose.

    Good luck Bros
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    I do think test is a bit overated in the speed of hair loss yes it doesnt help but its not a fast a predisposed people think not like winstrol or mast
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    Don't use finasteride unless you love your hair more than your dick... Side effects may not happen to everyone, but it definitely does happen to some.
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    Yeah I would say that I’ve been in the process for about 2 years. I only stuck with it cause I noticed the little peach fuzz hairs all over my head which were not there before and when I researched it that was a good sign plus I’m kind of stubborn and was told that I couldn’t do it and it was lost forever. Haha
    But really the length of time that your hair has been dormant for or shall I say the length of time that the DHT has cut off your hair follicles blood supply also plays a factor in how long it will take for it to work or if it works at all. I didn’t even notice it right away. My hair is really curly and short (African hair) so I didn’t get the benefit of seeing large clumps of it. I only noticed one time because I decided to grow my hair out and for some reason it grew everywhere but the top of my scalp just stopped after a certain point and wouldn’t grow as much as everywhere else. There was hair but just not a lot and then I noticed that weird “v” type shape that my hairline had and started researching. Before I never knew hair was alive as it is and needs that kind of attention
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    If you don’t want to or can’t get Finasteride to block the DHT from forming internally, there are other ways. I have been taking saw palmetto pills with pumpkin seeds and other things. It also is known to block DHT very well. It’s what a doctor would prescribe or have people take that have prostate issues which coincidentally is caused by too much DHT forming in the testes and saw palmetto reverses this effect and lowers the amount of DHT in the testes and body. The more you take the better off you are. I think the recommendations are over 350-400mg to have it effectively start having an affect on DHT. I take well over that. You also have to block the DHT in your scalp with haircare products. Rogaine doesn’t block the DHT, it only increases the size of the blood vessels so that blood can pass through again to feed your hair follicles. So shampoos or products that have Saw palmetto or rosemary or both in it work well to prevent DHT from forming on your scalp.
  19. Michael Scally MD

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    Male Pattern Hair Loss: Taking One For The Team: The Selfless Gene

    Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is exceedingly common. It is characterised by onset in early adulthood and progression with age. It has a strong heritable component. The reason for its existence remains unexplained. Given that MPHL is progressive and has its earliest manifestations in young adults it may be a barometer of age.

    Here we suggest that MPHL may have atavistically allowed women in our species and ancestor species to select younger (but not necessarily the youngest) adult mates. Evidence suggests that conceptions by younger fathers are more likely to lead to live births and less likely to result in miscarriage. Further children fathered by younger men may have improved health and be less likely to suffer from a number of co-morbidities. This is collectively known as the “paternal age affect”.

    Hence the selection of younger males mediated by the MPHL may improve the fitness of the population and of the species at the expense of the individual. Indeed MPHL may have been an evolutionary “nudge” directing women to favour younger partners. It is conceivable that for a species whose success is predicated upon co-operation, collaboration and altruism the gene cannot be exclusively selfish and must have a selfless allele.

    Uzoigwe CE, Sanchez Franco LC, Gascon Conde I, Sanchez Campoy A. Male pattern hair loss: Taking one for the team: The selfless gene. Medical hypotheses;114:1-4.
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    I'm brand new here so I hope no one is offended by my adding to this particular conversation. The possibility of developing baldness was something I explored pretty seriously before I decided to start using Test.

    If you have your DNA analyzed by "23 and me" they routinely give you an estimate of your genetic predisposition to male pattern baldness. If you then send all of your raw DNA mapping data to "Promethease" they'll give you a more detailed analysis. There must be at least a dozen genes that are believed to be related to the development of baldness because I got at least that many different predictions from Promethease. Some of them predicted increased risk and others predicted decreased risk. They give you a link to the research associated with each prediction. I only paid attention to the top five results with respect to how much research backed up the prediction.

    BTW, I don't have any association with either business and have no reason to shill for them.