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  1. cheme2005

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    So I don’t waste my time who are they and are you guys buying from them now and have bloodwork
  2. cheme2005

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    Here are my results using godt240 high. Not happy at all. IGF is low. Came off my cycle at this time and test is low. Would that affect high or high estrogen. Btw should I have tested estradiol instead of estrogen?

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  3. Shyster

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    Bro, wtf were you running? How long after your cycle stopped were these bloods taken?Cant see what was tested for on last page, I’m going to assume estrogen is high because of a nandrolone. Running a 19-nor will come back as estrogen unless you get the sensitive e2 test.
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  4. cheme2005

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    I took the test 5 days ago. Was on deca 600 wk test 300 week. That’s it upfront loaded with dbol. About 3 weeks after stopping. So is my estrogen valid? I have no gyno no sensitivity full of energy.
  5. Shyster

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    If your not having symptoms then I wouldn’t worry about it, without getting the sensitive e2 test that 19-nor is skewing your estro level. It’s not going to show correct level. If you’re concerned, you could always pull another blood test just with sensitive estrodial.

    Are you on trt? Or going to pct? That test level looks awful bro. Profile says you’re 44, it’s going to take a loooong time to rebound from being shutdown, especially from that deca. Maybe it’s time to trt?
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    Doesn't surprise me for it to be low on godt, part of the reason I said no when he pmd offering me a kit to test
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    Damn test level 39 is low. I thought mines was lowest 90. Had to start hcg then pct again

    I always thought GodT240 was legit. Don’t they offer 24iu per vial? So how many iu do you think God actually put in those vials?
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    I have MS. Muscular sclerosis’s too. Yes I am on test 250 most the time. Before ever getting on gear I was that low due to the disease. My only concern is will that much estrogen interfere with my test or other cycles and high.
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    How much GodTropin was injected prior to that blood test, and how soon before it? How is your liver values?
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    I was on the 270. Did 3iu morning and night and t3. Mixed it with 2.4ml RO water.
  11. cheme2005

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    I injected 6iu per godt240 3 hrs before test. Liver looks fine
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    Sorry to hear that bro. That’s not what your estrogen really is tho. You aren’t Showing any signs or symptoms. I wouldn’t worry about the estro.
    As far as the gh, not sure if this is the thread to be talking about another sources product, but how long have you been running the growth?
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    I’m also talking about it at the thread where this all originated. I think we got of track. I’m more interested in this domestic product if it’s legit and people are having success I’d like to try it and test it. But sick of bunk high. I’ve been on this high for 6months with a month break in between.
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  14. I'd always pinned in the AM
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  15. penche

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    @Shyster has given you all around solid advice on everything. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on GodTrop

    And best of luck bro.
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    @cheme2005 did I read your response correctly? Your dose was 6iu prior to getting bloods pulled? You have been on this HGH-dose the entire 6 months, give or take?

    @Shyster I have no issues with it as long as we-Meso members are providing sound, helpful advice.
  17. Opti
    I will be buying from you soon. Just wanna see a lab test . think they'll b due in a week or so

    I get paid next week

    If I like what I see fuk it ill buy 2 kits

    100 or 150 whatever the price is at that point

    Two questions though....noticed the picks of ur shipments there was no BAC water....are u selling the solid only?
    AND....are u bring paid w bitcoin or litecoin or what?
  18. Shyster

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    B8E75FFB-B61A-4524-9CB0-C43D81BFEB1C.jpeg Ok boys, here are the results for the serum test I did on Monday. pretty damn good so far! Looking forward to the igf-1 test. Thanks again @opti

    Pinned 10iu IM around 615am, pulled blood around 855/900am. Roughly 2.5 hours.
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    Fukin Nice!
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  20. Wood4days

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    Looks good. I hope all batch after this one are consistent through out.