High NPP, High Mast E, Low Test, at end of cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Morefyah, Feb 19, 2018.

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    I think you'll enjoy the run. I ran 150mg test (trt dose), 500mg mast, 300mg npp for 14 weeks over a summer and got more than I expected out of it. Sex drive starts super high and things got a little numb towards the end, but otherwise it was a great cycle and look. I'm going to do it again this summer probably with a little lower npp.
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    You will like it. I'm doing 500mg NPP and 200mg Test P and enjoying it with no sides.
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    Thanks man! Here’s a little update.
    I’m glad I waited until the last four weeks to run the high doses. Here’s where I’m at now..

    Test E @ 250mg
    NPP @ 750mg
    Mast E @ 800mg
    Anavar @60mg
    Hgh 5iu

    I’m down to the last two weeks and the sides have increased compared to the first 9 weeks. It seems like when ever I run Mast this high I get acne breakouts on my shoulder and back and this current run is no different. It’s pretty annoying!!

    Also running NPP at 3 X my test is starting to take a toll on my dick as well. I’m not sure how peeps run long courses of deca with low test without haveing ED issues? I have run high doses of mast before and still have never really experienced any sort of raised labido. So for now I call BS on all those that claim to have a raging sex drive on mast while running nandrolone.

    Strength gains are good but not in the same realm as tren or SD even with the high doses. I’m really getting the shredded look I was looking for while still maintaining the size I added in the earlier weeks of the cycle. Also my joints feel fucking great and recovery has been amazing!!
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    If you have ED problems maybe a low dose AI can help. Your prolactin is probably a little high. Lowering E2 can help. I'm running .25mg adex with every shot.
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    I’ve had gyno in the past, so I don’t ever fuck around with my E2. Ive been running 1.5 mg of adex weekly from the whole blast.
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    If you plan to do a pct, then its a bad idea - you need to NOT use nandrolone the last few weeks before it. You can read about it in the PCT section. If you are going to cruse, then it should not matter.

    Anastrozole does NOT address prolactin. It reduces E2 conversion from T. You mention concern for past gyno problems, what you are doing should take care of that. Normally, 250mg T would not cause a person gyno ... but you know your body best and have to work with what it does.

    One possible concern is that high nandralone causes "spermatogenic cell apoptosis" (kills your nut cells) at least in petri dishs and with rats. One theory is low E2 contributes to this. Just food for thought. While you don't want 'A' cups, you probably don't want 'pea' nuts either.

    Lastly, so far there isn't any medical evidence of significant changes in prolactin levels. Neither have any members posted bloods showing this. Its a emotional debate often here. If you are interested in real info, see what the docs here have posted on the topic. If you would, pull some blood before you stop the cycle and post for us.

    Nandralone and ED seems quite variable. Some members do just fine with lower T amounts. Others report needing to match or even run a little more T than it. Also, it takes a lot of time for the body to adjust/react to high levels of the mixed androgens. What is fine for a couple months might not be good later.
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    Thanks for the detailed info homie. I don’t think that you read the whole thread though.
    If you had you would have read that I’m 45 and been on trt for years. Also I have zero gyno issues and haven’t had any in 5 years.
    Lol, my gyno isn’t visible either. Yes I know my body very well and can tell if my E2 is high just by emotional sides and as for the gyno obviously physical sides as well.
    Lastly I don’t have ED and haven’t had any all cycle. But my dick isn’t working quite as well as it did with my test even to NPP. Anyway If you read the whole thread and the ones prior you will have a better idea about this cycle.
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    Well I try, lol. And actually look forward to a little blasting (pun intended) from experienced members - its part of learning.

    Interesting the way you can track your E2 by feel. I've had to use testing to figure things out initially. But when its crashed I'm depressed and the noodle with way past 'al dente'. Nice to not have to deal with gyno. The only thing that gives me 'lumps' is clomid (which is weird) and then only on one side. tamoxifen kills my libido at any dose.

    The way 'trt' is used in posts around here, tend to not assign its use with relevance. It wasn't meant to ignore you really - just about everyone that uses the term. Curious, what dose is your trt and do you still need to take an AI with it?

    I did view "take a toll on my dick as well" as ED. And of course dysfunction doesn't necessarily mean nonfunction. Thought it cool you mentioned low DHT with ED. IMO one doesn't do sex any favor by crashing DHT, but haven't read that 'medically'.

    The part about using adex to avoid prolactin led me to think you were not experience. But clearly you are and were looking for input from experienced members - of which I hardly qualify.

    Hope you achieve your cycle goal and have a good vacation.