Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

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    Nah. Didn’t ever order them.
  2. That’s edging for a couple hours, I’m talking about edging over a minimum of a week and up to a month, can’t be healthy.
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    Edging that long and never blowing?
  4. Yeah
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    Why did I read this thread?
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  6. @T-Bagger the other day when I busted a nut I had the first two shots shoot out, and there was a huge increase in volume, like had to be a tablespoon worth which would be hyperspermia levels.

    Sorry that’s not as graphic as my normal updates, I know you prefer the vivid details lol
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    Pffft. My stuff comes out like one has squeezed the Elmer’s Glue bottle :(
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    Terminator- what do you attribute that to? Are you still dosing the lecithin?
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  11. The biggest thing would be the lack of roids, not abusing my insides by edging too much. Not gonna lie the supplements didn’t do much for volume or pressure cause I’m taking less and haven’t had lecithin for 2-3 months, maybe the raw egg yolks I eat helped.
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    her reaction might be why shes still single. Lmao.
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