Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by T-Bagger, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. T-Bagger

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    The gear may have something to do with it. I’m not noticing anything and I’ve increased the lecithin to 8-10 per day. @The Terminator is off cycle I believe and seeing results, but he also used clomid. @NorthMich are you noticing anything and are you on or off cycle?
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  2. NorthMich

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    I’m noticing increase, and I’m cruising now. Off cycle.

    I think I’d see more if my balls were bigger, frankly. I was late getting going with hcg.
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  3. Yeah I’ve definitely seen improvements, like I mentioned I even had a burst that shot out and coulda gone over a foot, but I am off cycle/trt taking 50mg clomid/10mg tamoxifen and the occasional hcg so hard to tell. I did notice a slight improvement around the time of my last T shot but the most improvement I noticed was when I was getting close to the 2 week mark post roid use so it’s really hard to tell what’s doing what lol
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  4. Kpaxi

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    Works on gear good sir? Tryna cum out a cup full
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  5. T-Bagger

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    I’d have to say personally... no :mad:
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    Just gonna leave this here. Haha. Didn't even know this existed.
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    If you try it, let us know how it works.
  8. Dr JIM

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    You proclaim these supplements effected your ejaculate volume wo mentioning the influence of AAS.

    That’s called bias or ignorance!
  9. T-Bagger

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    I challenge you to quote where I proclaimed my ejaculate volume was effected. Otherwise, stfu, since you have an annoying habit of twisting things or not fully reading before you spout off nonsense.

    That is called ignorance or just being a dick!
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    In fact JIM, if you bothered to read even the last few posts, you could clearly see where the topic of volume and AAS usage came into question. Seriously - are you an ass like this IRL to people you interact with, or do you just act like an asshole here to blow off steam from real life?
  11. Hey @T-Bagger i had the first burst actually shoot out, like an inch or two but still better than nothing plus it’s looking a bit ropey. Of course still not like it was two years ago, and the 2nd load I busted 20-30 min later was small, like what my 3rd or 4th back in the day woulda been like, or maybe I’m imagining bigger loads but I do know when I used to edge for a long time I could get several feet lol
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    No need to report back to me - I’m bias and/or ignorant :rolleyes:
  13. lol

    Oh I forgot to mention that besides zinc I haven’t been using any of the supplements cause I ran out a couple weeks ago and shits getting pricey. Been taking ashweganda which I read can increase volume but I’m assuming any improvement is from the lack of aas and higher ITT levels.
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  14. T-Bagger

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    Did you notice your loads are whiter with the zinc?
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  15. Eh I’ve been taking zinc regularly for a year so hard to tell, except for the end where I get a couple bursts of watery clearish crap everything else is pretty white tho
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    I heard that’s a secret of the porn industry to make their loads whiter
  17. Sometimes they don’t even use real cum lol. Like I said it’s always been white with clear precum to follow. I noticed proviron made it fluffier I think if that makes sense.
  18. LeoTC

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    Am I just a freak or what?

    Even on cycle I blow massive loads. Old lady woke me up with a handy the other day and I damn near smoked my own face.

    What the fuck guys?
  19. T-Bagger

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    The only ones that don’t use real cum are the “Monsters of cock” series where the loads are so unbelievably huge that you just know they're fake.
  20. movingiron88

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    Amen tobthat. The only time I dont is when I'm not overly turned on. If it's just routine it's not that impressive. But when it's good, I havent lost any volume in the years I have supplemented.