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  1. If it’s the crap I’m thinking of they don’t even use a real dick so they have to use fake jizz, but I’ve heard they use it elsewhere when they guy can’t finish. From what I’ve seen on the solo amateur porn the fake cum looks more realistic now.
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    Interesting. Very disappointing, but interesting.
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  3. Hey @T-Bagger heres another update for ya, I actually had a load that reminded me of my pre trt/roid days, like it actually shot out a foot and not the watery part at the end but the thick white jizz..just the 1st rope and the last one, but the last went .5-1”. Weird I started a Keto diet last week and my libido hasn’t been as high, and my dick was being squeezed on the bottom where the urethra is but still came out with force.
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    Uh, thanks? Lol
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  5. Don’t be all coy, you did create a cum thread dedicated to load volume/pressure/distance
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    True, but you’re more graphic than all the others.
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  7. Gotta give the nitty gritty details to paint a face nicely..
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    All I ask is that you make whatever girls you encounter come out looking like a glazed donut lol.
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  9. I would like to also have the ability to accidentally poke her eye out or get it in her hair lol

    Im gonna prob throw in the towel on the Keto diet, not trying to have low libido, fatigue and brain fog when I’m starting summer quarter today and a physical ass job..I’m not sure if my increase in pressure was at all related to the Keto diet or not.
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    Give it a lil time. See below.

    3 More Reasons for a Low Sex Drive
    If your sex drive is still not-so-hot and you’re already adding healthy fats to your diet and you’ve managed to lose a few pounds, one of these issues could be to blame:

    For readers who have already started transitioning to a ketogenic diet, you may not be feeling your best.

    As your body switches from using carbs and glucose for energy to fat and ketones, you may experience unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms.

    Most noticeable is the keto flu, but for a small handful, it’s a low libido.

    One of the reasons your sex drive may be low during this time is simply because the transition can affect your energy and mood levels.

    When these are down, you won’t feel like doing anything — especially having sex.

    So if you’re experiencing this, it’s important to stay patient and stick with it. This won’t last forever.

    And once you reach ketosis, you’ll reap all the positive benefits I mentioned earlier.

    The same will happen with this next issue.


    Keto or not, it’s crucial you eat enough calories each day.

    This ensures your body has an adequate supply of fuel to run all your important bodily functions efficiently.

    It’s also essential for reaching ketosis.

    See, without enough calories, your body goes into starvation mode. This is actually a really bad thing for your health, weight and sex drive.

    When this happens, your body holds on to your extra fat since it’s unsure of when it will get enough energy again to perform optimally.

    This can also disrupt your hormones.

    That’s why it’s so important to determine how many calories you need each day and then ensure you’re hitting them every single time.

    For help determining your calorie needs and macro breakdown, check out this guide when you’re finished here.

    Our final libido-lowering mistake may be one you haven’t thought of.

    While certain alcohols are safe to drink on keto, they’re a total buzzkill when it comes to your keto sex drive.

    See, while alcohol may give you that initial feeling of liquid courage — you know, the kind that disregards shyness and isn’t concerned about how you look in the bedroom — it won’t help you climax.

    Some research even shows alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction and less stimulation, which means your orgasms will certainly suffer if you can even get to that point[*].

    And men aren’t the only ones affected by the bottle.

    Women also experience fewer sensations down there and can impact their chances of fertility long-term[*].

    So just because your favorite tequila drink has virtually no carbs and fits into your macros doesn’t mean you should go overboard here.

    Not only will doing so cause you to gain weight, it will also cause your sex drive to take a big hit too.

    If you plan to enjoy a cocktail, cap it at two and be smart about it.

    Remember, drinking adds unnecessary calories to your daily budget and can slow your fat burning potential.

    Plus, being on keto means there’s a good chance your tolerance is no longer where it used to be. So watch out because it’s going to take fewer drinks to feel their effects.

    While you’re avoiding or cutting back on your alcohol, it won’t hurt to add in a few libido-boosting foods to your diet either.

    • Tuna
    Dairy, processed foods, sugary drinks and high carb (especially fried) meals can cause your sex drive to decline. Your best bet is avoiding these foods altogether or limiting your consumption as with dairy.

    [paste:font size="5"]Improve Your Sex Drive with Keto Today

    Now you have a better understanding of how dietary fat and weight loss can impact your sex drive. So you’re ready to improve your situation starting today.

    It’s easy to begin by lowering your alcohol consumption and increasing your healthy fat intake by adding those 11 libido-boosting foods I just mentioned to your menu planning.

    And if you’re just transitioning to keto, give your sex drive some time.

    Once you pass the initial stages, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the positive benefits I touched on today.

    Just remember to always meet your calorie and macronutrient goals.

    If you don’t hit those targets each day, you’ll kiss both ketosis and your sex drive goodbye.
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  11. I read that yesterday actually, or something like it..I can wait out the libido thing but the fog and low energy makes school and the very physical job brutal, it had been a week and I still felt like ass, like I was constantly about to faint lol. If that Keto flu is gonna last 4 weeks that’s half the quarter. I was thinking of adding carbs, but only from fruit, vegetables, brown rice, brown or whole wheat pasta but no more ice cream or junk food of any kind.

    Came home at 5am after breaking my back and got out the shower at 6, and had to be in class by 12 and didn’t have time to cook..only thing I had was a Costco size bag of beef jerky and I eat the whole thing, pretty sure there’s just enough carbs to knock me out of Ketosis if I was even in it to begin with.
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    The fog only lasted about 1.5-2 weeks for me personally. Bullet proof coffee with coconut oil and whole fat unsalted butter with a splash of vanilla and stevia helped alot in the mornings.
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  13. This was much easier in high school when I didn’t even like most carbs outside of junk, although I’m certain I ate shady low carb shit like that pasta that claims to only have 5g of absorbable carbs or eating bread less crispy chicken sandwiches. Still lost 70-80lbs. Idk with that bag and a half of beef jerky is gonna extend it another week tho, but haven’t had anything else.
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  14. You know in addition to lower libido I noticed my dick wasn’t getting as hard, even with a cialis. Today I finally said fuck it and ate a piece of yellow melon and watermelon and in addition to feeling a rush of energy my libido is back and I’m getting boners so hard they hurt like I was pre Keto.

    Sorry @T-Bagger these last few posts have nothing to do with jizz..not to worry tho I’ll make sure to have some vividly graphic posts re my ejaculations soon, I promise.
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    So what do we have that's confirmed effective?
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    You try these?
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    What the fuck. Who shoots loads all over themself..? Lmao
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    I remember one time I was talking to a tinder chick. The day before we met up I was texting her and asked “so do you have any kinks or fetish type stuff?” She said no, not really. I said “really? None?” She replied, “welllll, there is this one thing..” and linked the cumsluts subreddit. I was in love.
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  19. Ok @T-Bagger i think I figured it out, the Keto diet didn’t directly increase pressure but because it lowered libido I didn’t have the desire to hold my jizz in or edge and didn’t really jack it. As soon as I stopped Keto and regained libido I started keeping my jizz in and I’m guessing it’s not healthy so my prostate might of became irritated..

    In short I think holding your jizz in by way of edging is bad for your health and shooting for distance lol
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    Hmm, my reading says edging makes you blow huge loads with massive pressure, although you would have to wonder if it becomes like a shaken soda bottle or can, which eventually loses that buildup even after it’s been shaken.