how to make transdermal testosterone?

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    Yes it matters.

    Best places to apply are where the skin is thin and not much hair: clavicle areas is my favorite, but inner elbow, front of hip, backs of knees, tops of feet, maybe nuts directly.

    Be sure to gently exfoliate, rotate sites, and apply moisturizer once the transdermal is absorbed.
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    Scrotum has a tremendously higher absorption rate than other skin parts
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    Wow Mr Science!!!! Who knew this statement along with long term androgen usage increase the clit was actually fact!!!! WOW , we would have never fucking Muppet!!!!
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    Cool appreciate the info, gonna try this out

    Does it matter where you store the solution? Cool/dark?
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    Doesn't matter at all, just avoid very hot and humid environments I guess. And even then...
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    Shit works good, no bloods but I definitely feel the same as I do with injections.

    Scrotum stings for a bit after application, and leaves it dry after it absorbs. I should dilute the DMSO. That's my only con. Also that I apply it twice a day.
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    Tne only??
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    aka test base
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    Glad it's working for you :)

    What concentration did you make and how much are you applying?
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    Yeah thanks man, pretty cool idea

    I did 50mg/ml, and I apply 0.5ml twice a day = 350mg test a week

    If I had to do it again, and after this one runs out, I'm going to make it more concentrated with less dmso for less of a hassle. What concentration did you do?
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    TD applications seem great and it's always good to have breaks from pinning.
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    Hi folks. New here. Thoughts on mixing (the right ratios) of raw test powder with something like aloe gel? Aloe gel already absorbs, and I assume it's a reasonably healthy (?) thing to use as a mechanism for absorbtion?
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    basskilleronline has transdermal recipe .
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    I don’t think Aloe gel by itself will work effectively. You need something to penetrate the skin. Maybe isopropyl or benzoyl alcohol, or hand sanitizer. After the transdermal dries some aloe would be a good to apply and keep the skin healthy.

    If you research DMSO you will see it has been used medicinally if a few ways, and by veterinarians. Not bad stuff if your skin is clean, despite some of the warnings.
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    dmso is good skin penetration and isopropyl alcohol is in recipe too as IPA will kill the bacteria on skin basskiller online have nice recipe for transdermals i will make some transdermal trenbolone as pre workout and its better if concentration is 10mg/ml
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    U got any recipes u can drop for knowledge here?
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    here is a recipe below but dont go over 10mg/ml and i would say 10mg/ml is always good but if you wish to make 20mg/ml make a small 50 ml batch first . this article is a copy paste from basskiller

    It is developed mainly for base steroid hormones (testosterone Base, Boldenone Base, Nandrolone Base, etc.), but will work for many compounds to provide reasonably effective systemic delivery. The absorption rate is estimated to be around 40% with the 10% DMSO version listed below. The final product is a liquid, and while it's possible to add carbomers and thickeners to form a lotion or gel, it is considerably more involved and probably not worth the effort. Additionally, the liquid form is easier to compound - you can make it ahead of time, and just add your hormone powder and shake. Or you can dissolve the hormone earlier in the process, as described below.


    40% Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or better)
    15% Isopropyl Myristate
    15% Isopropyl Palmitate
    10% Oleic Acid
    10% Propylene Glycol
    10% DMSO (99% Technical Grade or better recommended)

    Don't feel like doing math? Whitey's got you covered.
    For a 240ml (8 oz) batch:
    40% Isopropyl Alcohol = 96ml
    15% Isopropyl Myristate = 36ml
    15% Isopropyl Palmitate = 36ml
    10% Oleic Acid = 24ml
    10% Propylene Glycol = 24ml
    10% DMSO = 24ml

    How Does It Work?:
    40% Isopropyl Alcohol - Solvent for the compound, with moderate penetration capability
    15% Isopropyl Myristate - Lubricates and softens the skin to enhance penetration
    15% Isopropyl Palmitate - Same as IM, but oilier
    10% Oleic Acid - Penetration enhancer works by disrupting the lipid layer of the skin
    10% Propylene Glycol - Seals moisture in to aid in penetration
    10% DMSO - The most powerful penetration enhancer available; drawbacks - garlic and sulfur smell/taste (less pronounced in higher purity DMSO), irritates and dries out the skin

    Preparation (2 easy steps):

    1. Dissolve your compound in the isopropyl alcohol. You can experiment (and it will vary from compound to compound), but don't expect to get more than 50mg of compound dissolved per ml.*
    --DMSO is a good solvent also, so you may want to add it in first with the isopropanol to help dissolve the compound.

    2. Add the other ingredients, mix, and you're done.
    --Alternative (easy) method: just pour all ingredients into a beaker, mix, pour into bottle with your compound powder and shake intensely. If necessary, soak in hot water bath, and shake again.

    Dosing and Administration:
    The easiest way to apply is to use a spray bottle to apply, and then just rub it in vigorously. You can measure the output of your sprayer yourself to find out how many pumps/sprays equal a ml, and calculate your dosing from there. Thin patches of skin, like the tops of your feet work best. Keeping skin moisturized and rotating application sites can boost absorption by ~15%. Apply to clean, exfoliated skin, and don't forget to remove hair in the area you apply, or you will be wasting a tremendous amount of your carrier and compound.

    --DMSO changes - I would go with 10% DMSO if you can handle it, maybe 5% less, if you have sensitive skin. 10% is better for absorption, 20% is even better, of course - but anything at 15% or higher will probably destroy your skin. You may be able to mitigate this by using aloe vera gel, but make it 100% pure, with no additives, because some of what you apply will get through the skin. Let your skin and yuck factor be your guide. To keep things simple, if you add/cut DMSO, you can just add back to/take from the isopropyl alcohol.

    --If you don't want to buy isopropyl palmitate, you can just substitute isopropyl myristate. But it's in there for a reason, so leave it in if you can.
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    Does anyone know what happens if you put nandrolone base in DMSO?

    I assume it would absorb, but would there be any issue with conversion to something else?
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