Hupharma USA domestic and international line

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    This clown posted a bunch of threads on MS last year. Looks like he was an epic fail there! (no interest)
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    They are over on BOP.. do I need to say more?
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    Looks like everyone from bop wants to come over here now
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    A couple of guys on asf ran a log for them and at least one of them came back with low test numbers. One order came with loose vial tops that he could spin. Don't remember if they were leaking. Long response times to issues. I did order hcg and some other peptides, they seemed legit. Did a pregnancy test on the hcg and came back positive. Kept the boys semi plumped.

    The rep superted was dealing behind their back and eventually started bm labs using their raws. He was ousted after posting pics claiming it was him but come to find out it wasn't. Like, drastically different pics. Lmao. Unfortunately I bought a cycle for me and my friend along with some oral raws, I can only assume came from hup. cialis and proviron raws worked as expected. aromasin raws kept my e2 in the 30s on 600mg of test e and 500mast e. Our bloods came back within expected range. My friend was in the high 2500, mine was 2200s but either I'm a low responder or its stress related. Don't think light pot use would drop levels that much. Either way, pretty sure the oils were brewed from hup raws as well. Or maybe direct from hup as well. Take from this as you would like.

    @Bighupharma can you confirm that he was getting these items from you?
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    This looks like source posted and then ghosted. Posted a website just to fish for orders.

    No one should order until the source has been properly vetted.

    This thread should just die unless the source comes back and answers the questions that have been asked so far.
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    All I know is when I can tether a source to a physical address in America I gives me pause. Buyer beware
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    @Bighupharma so why start another company? Word on the street is you have crazy steroids, you also have genuine raws. There is more as well. Why are you decieving meso members?
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    Nevada right ? I found that too haha
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    I found one in Florida, thinking it has something to do with their website. Not an opsec risk at all...
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    Raws In Stock in USA (23th May)
    Test A 200g
    Test P 900g
    Test C 6100g
    Test E 6000g
    Test base 600g
    Sustanon 800g
    tren a 900g
    Tren e 700g
    Boldenone Undecylenate 2000g
    Deca 250g
    Npp 200g
    Mast P 200g
    Mast E 600g
    Anadrol 300g
    Mesterolone/Proviron 500g
    exemestane 50g
    arimidex 30g
    nolvadex 200g
    letrozole 200g
    HGH GMP black tops bulk in stock
    HGH Pharma blue tops bulk in stock
    hcg 5000iu bulk in stock
    HMG 75iu bulk in stock

    On the way to the USA,
    Test p 1000g
    Test e 3800g
    Test c 2200g
    Tren ace 1400g
    Tren E 1200g
    Deca 1000g
    Npp 500g
    Mast p 500g
    Primo e 100g
    Anavar 1400g
    Dianabol 1000g
    Stnaozolol 1800g
    Anadrol 800g
    turinabol 400g
    Superdrol 150g
    tadalafil 2200g
    sildenafil 2100g
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    Man you’re just plugging along regardless.

    Good for you.
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    Right? No chitter chatter just make sales!
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    Spoken like a true champion.
  14. Email for prices? So i can get spammed every time you make a change or have a promotion? Surely you jest?

    i see you didn't do your homework as advised, and i already dislike you because here i thought it was Friday and i was off of work. i got excited there for a moment, then i realized it's Wednesday and i have to be to work in a couple hours.

    Stop the mind games, HumpPharma. We're a simple people here and we don't like being toyed with.
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    @Millard Baker this guy has posted numerous threads in different places. Any chance of deleting them all except the one in the UG or moving them all to the UG thread?
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    I vote delete all and he can start over.
  17. You're not special. Pick one fucking source thread for yourself and let the other one fall into the abyss.

    Zero research achievement unlocked by HumpPharma.
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    Lol wtf is this? Are these new guys trying to one up each other on shitty thread openers? Anyways in for the ride
  19. You're such a dreamer. Why bug Millard when we can whip this multi-thread posting dufus into shape ourselves?

    He did zero research. It's time for him to learn or burn. His choice... For now.
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    I have dealt with hu personaly off another forum source site and there is so much inconsistencies with the way his company runs.
    Whoever does his work in the states is a fucking hot mess and always fucks shit up.
    Int. Orders are always hit or miss when it comes to good T/A times.
    I'll be the first person to be transparent here and say there is a high chance your order will either be fucked up or you'll be waiting for an order to be fucked up.

    Note to whoever runs the domestic part of this company...
    Get your shit together because you are fucking up Hu's business.
    And Alan hire people who aren't fucking idiots . Anyone and everyone that places an order domestic has underdosed shit, loose caps or simply the wrong shit.