Hupharma USA domestic and international line

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    Hmm... So I found one where the name isn't Alan. But close... And the guy I found deals in AAS. But has a revenue of 2.5 million. Certainly not this guy.
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    And his email is a rip-off. And so is his Avi.
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    Another China men named Alan huh? What in the fuck is up with these Alan’s.
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    It's pronounced Aran
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    Lol now your making me say it like I’m prejudice. Lmao. Owkay Aran
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    Damn that girl in your avi is sexy.
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    Also pulled his address on GPS. His location is a nail salon lol
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    ....nair saron bro
  14. That made me raff out roud!
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    The avatar is hell yeah bro !!
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    Guys these guys did not follow the proper guidelines an procedures according to chapter 16 section jr42 titty pics or fuck off
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    Racist bastards.
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    Can you be racist to Asians? I don't think it works that way. Maybe it's just me, I have an affinity for the Asian ladies. Mmmm. So your cousin is transitioning eh? Lmao.
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    ALAN!!!! Get the fuck back in here, we need attention.
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    Of course you can be racist toward Asians! They aren’t white, despite what people have tried to say in order to justify racism against them!

    If I’m not mistaken, he is fully transitioned. Not sure he’s an actual ladyboy.
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