Jano "The ultimate Con-man and Liar?" thread...You be the judge

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by mands, Dec 21, 2016.

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    Come on @janoshik you need to really step up your game if you want to keep up. Your little back and forth is not helping your credibility any as you appear to be outgunned right now.
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    Deleted mine, delete this
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    You are completely right, however I don't really need to help my credibility over here. Anybody who ever actually worked with me can judge my credibility themselves and customer retention speaks for itself.

    That back and forth is just free time activity for me, as I enjoy mocking people that I dislike. Childish, I know, I'll try to resist.

    Thank you, I really appreciate it.
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    Fucking red headed step child can't resist, can he? Jano and his credibility is what it is regardless of whatever is said at this point.
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    Lol just the clients that he "trust"

    Good excuse
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    Can someone tell me why he charges $50 buck per testing when we have been doing our research from professional licenced testing companies.

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    I can’t help but notice your name. Are you by chance “Pomp Pharma” from BoP?
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    Yes, he is and he's trying to discredit me, because every single product of his tested bad, even when sent anonymously in unlabeled vials and his attempts to bribe me failed. Those are facts.

    Now, I am trying to live by @Den84 's suggestion that I should work more and post less, so I will refrain from posting more and let you form your opinion.
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    Yes sir
  10. pompeyo13

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    Don't worry I just got in touch with a professional company that will get my. Products tested :)
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    While the rate you listed is quite high for a licensed professional lab, Jano can charge $50 / vial bc his vast experience enables him to LOOK at a AAS vial and determine its contents and concentration.

    Hey let’s face it bc many on PED forums have balked at prices exceeding $100 bucks a vial, Jano gives them what they want, a piece of paper their gym buddies marvel over, or as a means to sell product.

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    I know $2K is a lot of money for testing a small sample of gear, but it has to be good service and accuracy that counts.
  13. pompeyo13

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    Coming from an fda approved lab it's totally worth it

    At the moment we are discussing with the owner of the lab what's going to be the move in this because it's ridiciolous that you can get the percentage of mg/ml for $50 the equipment to test products it's extremely expensive!!!!!
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    So basically you’re in the “Jano’s a fraud” camp lol. We have a lot of them.
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  15. pompeyo13

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    Yup I have been scammed a few times in the last year

    One of them was the one who started the "testing" at anasci
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  16. Dr JIM

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    What should be expected varies somewhat depending upon whether the lab has enough volume for batch testing
    multiple vials of the SAME AAS.

    In the latter case reasonable LCMS pricing ranges from $200-300 perk vial while single vial analyses may run as high as $400 per vial.

    To that end it’s also important to note, when PEDs are involved, a highly priced assays are often of no better quality than those with a low price structure.

    I can only suggest a lab that is exceeding the norms darn sure better have proof the operation is legit, certified, has a DEA certificate to test controlled substances and can provide at least some information of standard acquisition.

    Finally bc of recent technological advances the equipment required to QQ AAS is much less expensive than many believe (or have been told) esp compared to the cost of hiring those with the experience and fund of knowledge needed to deliver reliable results on a consistent basis across the AAS spectrum.

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    @pompeyo13 You also tested bad on Pro Muscle! Members sent in samples, results on Anasci.org.

    XT labs Mast prop - label claim:100 mg/ml & result was : 48

    XT labs tren ace - label claim: 100 mg/ml & result was: tren a 28.57 and tren e 28.54

    XT labs Primo (sample 2) - label claim: 100 mg/ml & result was: Mast p 49

    XT Labs Primo (sample 1) - label claim 100 mg/ml & result was : unidentifiable
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    Who tested their stuff, Jano as well?
  19. D-Cal

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    Jesus. What to believe anymore, sad when you have to take everything with a grain of salt. It's not just the sources you have to watch out for but vindictive customers with a chip on their shoulders. What the fuck happened to honor, integrity, and doing honest business. Sad to hear this from Jan, I'm sure all the tests can't be a lie, but how to sift through the ones that are and arent, I know some stand up labs that have used him in the past as well, so what does that even mean
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  20. AnaSci's testing looks realistic now.
    Nothing like it was when it started and everything was dosed properly and slightly overdosed. What a joke that was.
    Curious to know what happened (without too many specifics) Could you PM me? If not, no big deal.