Jano "The ultimate Con-man and Liar?" thread...You be the judge

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    I just posted this in the Symbiotics thread, someone told me to post it here:


    Just a heads up...

    I'm not sure if we are allowed to mention other forums.

    But I would take Jano's report with a grain of salt.

    Last week, Jano "found" another contamination in another source's gear.

    This time it was a 24.20 mg/ml contamination of tren.

    2 contamination in 2 weeks?

    I haven't followed this entire thread, so take it for what it is, but figured you guys might want to know.

  2. To add to this:

    It was a Test/Mast blend.

    Initial test showed up as just Test, with some tren contamination and no Mast present at all.

    Test E: 227mg
    Tren E: 25mg
    Mast E: --Not detected--

    He released a corrected version showing:

    Test E: 227mg
    Tren E: 24mg
    Mast E: 206mg

    According to Jano, masteron is hard to analyze in a mix so that's why he didn't see it before and amended the test results.
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    So in addition to him being a liar... he is also unreliable.

    Wow... and people still PAY for his services????
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    This thread is exhausting lol...


    Pick a dude with raws or a finished product (no substance listed or lab brands)
    A guy who isn't friends/enemies with jano or any of y'all.
    Collect funds for him to send samples. Have the dude send 2mls to jano, and two mls to who ever (that you think is trust worthy) from the same vial. The results should be the same essentially.

    Also (before it comes up again) the mands story is known. But this thread is never-ending with guys saying jano is good/bad.
    And no...I'm not trying to credit Jano or discredit Mands and Dr Jim. It's just...give Jano a tombstone already. Let us do something to prove he's a scammer beyond doubt. Or prove that he's not a scammer...and that maybe shit happened lol.
    Idk...I'm rambling and tired over here. I just want a be all end all solution lol.

    (I just gave up caring mid post)
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    People have done this and came back good.
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    A Mod over at BOP sent Jano two samples from the same vial and received two different results. You would be better off buying a labmax kit and just guessing at the dosage, like Jano does.
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    There was also an EQ sample for TGI that Jano initially tested at 400 mg (yay! Yippee) but then Jano retested it at only 200 mg (awwww) and was sent to W&M who reported it around 300 mg.

    Jano charges a reasonable fee and turn around is quick but the results aren’t always precise. The other labs that do analyses cost twice as much. You get what you pay for.
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    What is blind testing him going to do? He’s a liar. Can’t be trusted period. One test is going to now make him honest and trustworthy???? :rolleyes:

    Liars choose when to lie. This silly blind test thing only shows how you keep ignoring the fact that you can’t trust a liar.

    Proof? He’s admitted to it as was quoted in this thread already!
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    Whats the conclusion on this thread?
  10. DrinkFlintWater

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    Use labmax, more reliable
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  11. Read it and come to your own.
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    Yes I did, but wanted to know what did you come in consensus after this time.

    Anyways np, I have to keep trusting jano and his reports.
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    That is the general consensus as well. While most were on the bandwagon and some still are, that Jano is a fraud, most people go with and trust Jano, mainly because he has appeared to have redeemed himself. Mostly old school guys still hold that he’s a fraud and don’t trust him and newer guys who don’t know this story trust his test results.
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    That's oversimplification to the point of it being BS though.

    There's a shitload of old school guys who've used me and posted about it and a shitload of people who are new, read the thread and know my story and tried my service and trust it.

    Basically, the ones who bitch the most were never my clients to begin with. The ones who tried my service out were always happy with the service.

    There is no testing service with as many positive reviews as I have in the business.

    There is no testing service which has passed as many blind tests and cross laboratory checks as I did in the business.
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    I could’ve worded it better but didn’t. What I meant was that a newer group of people have come in that don’t know your backstory or don’t care. It’s those select few from join date of 2016-2017 and prior who still hold on to the Mands incident.
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    I understand.

    And those select few are free to hold onto whatever the hell they want and use whoever else they feel like and fuck off with their trolling from my threads.

    Also, I don't see many other stickies that are personal vendettas.
    So, what was basis of sticking this, @Millard Baker ?

    I don't know, a public statement would be nice - like what exactly are the criteria to get a sticky?

    It would be nice to have those criteria out in the open - for the sake of transparency that everybody likes around here so much.
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    You got a sticky because you are a liar and a fraud. Quit crying about it. You pulled these shenanigans when you were trying to establish yourself as a source here.

    @Millard Baker posted a sticky instead of banning you(which I've expressed my feelings about that)for fraudulently producing numbers to me and then lying about it so members could make a decision before they started sending you vials of GH.

    He should of never let you back the first time you got banned for talking about my very young daughter inappropriately.

    You are just a bad/evil person overall dude. You got all these younger or newer members snowed. They thing with time people tend to forget and that's why history repeats itself. Members should be informed of what you are.

    You stated I've trolled your threads for 4 years(as I source you should have one thread). Again you can't recall facts per usual. I left you completely alone for quite some time and even tried to help you out on occasions and you still were an asshole and liar.

    Keep being real Janosticky and I will keep reminding those what type of person they are dealing with.

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    [QUOTE="janoshik, post: 2674505, member: 87933]There is no other testing service. That is the only reason I am here. [/QUOTE]
    We know! We know! :rolleyes:
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    @mands, I don't remember asking you a goddamn thing you illiterate cunt.

    So unless you've been appointed Millard's spokesperson kindly fuck off back to the cunt your irrelevant ass crawled from.
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