Jano "The ultimate Con-man and Liar?" thread...You be the judge

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by mands, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Mands for prez
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  2. AnTabolic73

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    If I had to guess, legit fda testing sources charge so much because theyll back it up in court if need be. I know for a fact expert witnesses (doctors and the sort) make a shit load of money just to testify in court.

    But im just guessing. I doubt any illegitimate testing source is going to court to stand behind their testing.
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  3. 88GENERAL88

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    LMFAO — that’s a fucking joke, hey POMP-FAG-O, check it out, we had a source here that was the laughing stock of meso. VENOM — his gear tested better than your dog shit. I bet guys get better results on muscletech’s alpha one, test booster.

    It’s a truly sad day, when someone who blows diarrhea all over there customers, complains about someone else’s feces, because they are pinching of a solid loaf.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Who knows? This Pompey’s cat is on several boards and is always seeming to throw a promo just to move his gear.
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  5. T-Bagger

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    @janoshik you have been exonerated of the wrongs against Pompeyo.
  6. janoshik

    janoshik Member

    There were no wrongs done by me against Pompeyo I believe.

    Posting real results (even blind!) is not something I believe I need to be exonerated from.
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  7. T-Bagger

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    You get my point. BoP banned you because they said you faked Pomp’s results.
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  8. MindlessWork

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    BOP is afraid their scammers be exposed by truthful and honest testing, that's why they banned him.
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  9. janoshik

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    I remember that "pharma" HGH analysis. I'm sure anybody can form their own opinion, or even better, send their own sample for an analysis, blind or not blind - although, not surprisingly, there are no incentives for testing provided here.

    I do not wish to get involved anymore.
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  10. Millard Baker

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    No. They won't because they can't prove the chain of custody. This goes for any UGL product.
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  11. Joe Zanni

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    This whole thing is sad I cant believe how much this shit is undosed who do you believe.. were is the good shit unbelievable
  12. DeeCee

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    Man 47 pages and what 2 years of this shit.. I get what you guys are trying to do here but fuck this place gets so off track that actual facts even get so blurry because of the constant onslaught of childish attacks and ridiculous fueds vendettas and alliances which makes it harder to do what the goal of this thread was supposed to be...heres what happened to a guy.. Heres the accused story you guys decide.

    Honestly for you guys out there trying to help people I read enough after a few pages at the beginning to draw a conclusion. Janos story is downright comical about the whole swapping a vial getting it from customs then delivering it back and also not having any paperwork to prove any kind of test. You could've left it at that. His deflecting and arrogant responses are telling enough of his character.

    Other than that it is a dirty muddy childish squabble where everyone sounds like every young kid on the internet trying to use more literate and complex insults than eachother or than they ever would in life and rarely ever actually pertaining to the events and facts of the actual topic. The fact that some people have managed to devout the time and years into this thread alone is astounding.

    Just my 2 cents trying to figure out this game myself.
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  13. DeeCee

    DeeCee Junior Member

    Although I must admit everyone loves a little drama.. What made the dude finally cave and admit?

    A year commitment to that story and watching other dudes fight and battle for a year in his defense knowing he was lying..that is some shit.
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  14. mands

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    Well some that have a vested interest in something tend not to admit when they are wrong. This was the case at PM with the majority of members.

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  15. iamnightowl

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    Wow what a thread.

    What pisses me off is @janoshik shitting on other lab testing companies.

    Like, these people put in a lot of risk and effort to run their business.

    Most of them, like @Weights & Measures are a lot more transparent.

    And that's what this is about for me, you can't criticize other places unless you show your work too. That way people can criticize you too.

    What I mean is this: where are your actual HPLC reports @janoshik? I've seen one on my entire time on this forum.

    I'm not talking about your COA's. Where you claim you identified a sample as [....] mg.

    But meantime, you do criticize other people's HPLC reports. It makes no sense to me.

    If you're going to do that, at least publish all your reports too. That way it's fair game. Not just one.

    Where are the pictures of your lab? I might have seen one blurry picture, can't remember.

    You might as well have taken that by sneaking into your local college lab.

    Like where is the video people asked for?

    You only give it to people you trust? Trust to not criticize you?

    To me, that sounds like you do it for the same reason, you don't want people to look into your shit, but you constantly look into the shit of others.

    For all we know, you buy one of those ROIDTEST kits.

    That way you can identify the sample for what it is, and make up a number after that.

    There you go, you just cheated the blind test.
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  16. iamnightowl

    iamnightowl Member

    Also, thanks @mands for showing us this.
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  17. Guess it’s just blind luck when his results on random test mixes matches the brewers desired dose ?
  18. Mac11wildcat

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    No. I don’t think anyone’s arguing Jano isn’t capable of providing good results...just that his record is spotty which points in certain cases to possibly either an integrity or procedural issue.
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  19. Yeah can’t argue with that. I was mostly addressing the accusation of using labmax or similar test to identify the compound and then guessing the dose.
  20. MindlessWork

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    Yes that's the problem with tests like LabMax or RoidTest. They don't tell you how much hormone is in a sample but only whether it's there or not.