Just finished 6 wks HST - feel strong ! ~OGH

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    Cool thats exactly what I do, 30-40 minutes at the most.
  2. OK - Time for my 2nd HST program , HST#2. Im starting in mid-week (wed) but thats no problem . This next 2 weeks it will be high rep hell , 15 reps each exercise .

    This is less than 40% of my 1RM , but Im starting light to rehab some joints & tendons . If you start off too heavy , you'll peter-out quickly with this program .

    I plan on doing 2 weeks of 3 reps at the end of 6 weeks .So it will look like this,2 weeks each of 15-10-5-3 .

    HST#2 (4/9/14-???)

    (4/9/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 155x15x2
    Deadlifts - 155x15x2
    IN-DB Flyes- 25x15x2
    IN-BB Bench- 125x15x2
    DB Press - 45x15x2
    Lat Pulldowns- 100x15x2
    DB curls - 25x15x2
    BBplate shrugs-25x15x2
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  3. OK - next day report , I am sore ! Hard to believe such light weights could get me sore but I try to do slow , negatives style reps and yesterday because of the lightweights I was concentrating on controlled , stretching reps . Of course I had a week off which contributed to the soreness . Thats probably the last soreness I'll see in a while.....:D
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    What are your max lifts before you started this program the second time?
  5. I used my 1RM as a gauge for my lifts....
    Squats and Deadlifts a little over 400lbs
    Bench is around 300lbs
    Bent-over-row is around 250lbs
    BB press is 175lbs
    BB curl is 120lbs

    I really havent done a 1RM in a few years although I think Im stronger. After this next round I will test myself . I need a good reliable training partner to come over to my house to spot me , most "friends" quit on me because they are wimps and they give up on lifting . :D
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    IN!! how are your hypertrophy results?
  7. You know I just feel a little stronger and harder. Im eating in a deficit right now so I didnt expect to see real muscle gains . But Im happy with the results or I wouldnt have started this again , it challenges you.......(its harder than it looks on paper)
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  8. I think if I would try this program while eating a 500cal surplus I would see real muscle gains . And Im going to do just that in the summer when Im lean enough to use gear . Im just TRT'n it right now..........
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    Absolutely I did it for 2 weeks and was like fuck it lol.

    I may try it again down the line
  11. Well, I dont know what the fk was up with my lifts today , but everything seemed heavy and those 15 reps seemed like 25 reps . Didnt think Id ever make it thru . Lactic acid build-up ? Poor sleep? Always . Anyway I made it thru without any fails but it was close on a couple of exercises , thanks for the weekend.....:confused:
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    I hate those days it could be lack of sleep. Keep pushing bro!
  13. HST#2
    (4/11/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 165x15x2
    Deadlifts - 165x15x2
    IN-DB Flyes- 30's x15x2
    IN-BB Bench- 135x15x2
    DB Press - 50's x15x2
    Lat Pulldowns- 110x15x2
    DB curls - 30's x15x2
    BBplate shrugs-25'sx15x2

    I also added 2 sets of tricep pushdowns (70x15x2)
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    I've been doing the program loosely for a week now.
    Just to get used to the higher reps and get a 1rep max. I never max so I needed something to go by.

    Having an issue with my knees already. Squat+work+run+work+...
    Are you having any joint issues?
    My knees are fucking killing me.
  15. Im lucky not to have knee problems , especially my age , but they have been cracking alot since I started the 15 reps. 3 more workouts and its on to the 10's.
    My problems are reacurring tennis elbow & golfers elbow , both in my right arm . Its caused me to go lighter than Id like in curling exercises . The pain shoots down my forearm ; but the alternative is rest and I cant rest it right now ,lol.
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    That's the worst part, the only way to fix these types of problems is to completely abstain from using the joint as much as possible.
    Im taking the weekend off and hopefully helps.
    I haven't even started the program yet. I want to get everything down on paper 100% first and free time is in short supply right now.
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    Oregon, I posted a new thread asking advice on a HST program I'm about to start on Monday for my Bulk cycle.
  18. HST#2
    (4/14/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 175x15x2
    Deadlifts - 175x15x2
    IN-DB Flyes- 35's x15x2
    IN-BB Bench- 145x15x2
    DB Press - 55's x15x2
    Lat Pulldowns- 115x15x2
    DB curls - 35's x15x2
    BBplate shrugs-30's x15x2
    Tricep pushdowns -75x15x2

    Made it thru with no fail reps , the last set of tricep pushdowns I felt cramping & weakness , but got all 15 . Yes these 15 reppers are hard some days , glad now its only 2 sets per exercise . 2 more workouts then the 10's ......:-bd
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  19. HST#2
    (4/16/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 185x15x2
    Deadlifts - 185x15x2
    IN-DB Flyes- 35's x15x2
    IN-BB Bench- 155x15x2
    DB Press - 60's x15x2
    Lat Pulldowns- 120x15x2
    DB curls - 40's x15x2
    BBplate shrugs-45's x15x2
    Tricep pushdowns -80x15x2

    Made it thru with no fail reps , The squats werent bad but the deadlifts sucked , I had to switch my hand grips at the end .I was on next to zero carbs for 36 hrs prior to the workout and I could feel it , I was drained with no carbs . Had a banana whey protein shake right after , and a protein cookie ! One 15 rep workout left, then the 10"s ! :D
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  20. Hey OGH I'm stoked to be starting a pretty similar HST program right now. I have a question for you though for the last 2 weeks of the program when you are down to 5 reps a set are you still only doing 2 sets per exercise, and still only waiting the 30 seconds or 1 minutes in between? Wouldn't the workouts for the last 2 weeks only be for like 30 minutes then? Or do you adjust the sets and wait time when you adjust the reps? Thanks for any help bro, please keep up the posting in this thread, its really helpful for people who are new to this type of routine.