Just finished 6 wks HST - feel strong ! ~OGH

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  1. I use to take only 30 seconds or so between sets , but with HST I think you take as much time as you need to get both sets without a failset. Its the 2nd set that always gets you . Yes the sets stay the same all the way thru the 6 or 8 weeks . You can also go to : Bryan Haycocks HST site.
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    This does seem like it would be a tough workout even with what you call light weights. This is definitely something I'll be looking into when its time to change up my routine next month. I tend to like the 3 day/week full body type workouts where you get in work hard and get done.
  5. HST#2
    (4/18/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 205x10x2
    Deadlifts - 205x10x2
    IN-DB Flyes- 50's x10x2
    IN-BB Bench- 170x10x2
    DB Press - 70's x10x2
    Lat Pulldowns- 130x10x2
    DB curls - 50's x10x2
    BBplate shrugs-45's x10x2
    Tricep pushdowns -90x10x2

    The 10"s started today - made it thru with no fail reps but my time is coming , I predict failure(s) next workout . It was tough today . Took 1 hr. 15 min to complete . Longer rest periods ate up the clock . See you Wednesday....
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  6. ^^^^ Ooops - forgot to change the date - should read 4/21/14 ^^^^^
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    Awesome work OGH. What happens if you fail on a set? Do you repeat the same weight for next workout?
  8. Exactly . Fail sets stay at that weight for the next workout . I dont advance weight until I finish the set . But.......

    I have also found if your stuck at a weight , adding 5lbs can sometimes break the rut . If you cant get it after 2 or 3 workouts then deload (but I hate going backwards<) lol
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    I figured it would be one of those if at first you don't succeed try try again sort of things. The way I look at it as long as its two steps forward one step back you are still making progress. But I assure you I don't like going backwards either.
  10. HST#2
    (4/23/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 215x10x2
    Deadlifts - 215x10x2 - rest pause last 2 reps
    IN-DB Flyes- 55's x10x2
    IN-BB Bench- 175x10x2
    DB Press - 75's x10x2 - fail- last 2 reps
    Lat Pulldowns- 135x10x2
    DB curls - 55's x10x2 - fail last rep of each set
    BBplate shrugs-45's x10x2
    Tricep pushdowns -95x10x2 - Fail last 2 reps

    So there were a couple fail reps today as I predicted Monday . No problem we will stick with that weight for Friday . :D
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  11. HST#2
    (4/25/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 225x10x2
    Deadlifts - 225x10x2 - rest pause last 3 reps
    IN-DB Flyes- 60's x10x2
    IN-BB Bench- 180x10x2
    DB Press - 80's x10x2 - fail- last 2 reps
    Lat Pulldowns- 140x10x2 - fail last rep
    DB curls - 60's x10x2 - fail last rep
    BBplate shrugs-45's x10x2
    Tricep pushdowns -100x10x2 - fail last 2 reps

    So there were a couple more fail reps but was still able to lift more than Wednesday .Very happy with this workout . Looking forward to 2 days off (weekend!) to rest sore joints .......Power-on !!
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    On the BBplate shrugs is that a 45 in each hand?
  13. Correct . 2x45lb - You need 2-45lb easy-grip plates for this .......
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  14. HST#2
    (4/28/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 235x10x2 alot of moaning on the last 3 reps
    Deadlifts - 235x8x2 - fail last 2 reps
    IN-DB Flyes- 60's x9x2 fail last rep
    IN-BB Bench- 190x9x2 fail last rep
    DB Press - 85's x7x2 - fail- last 3 reps
    Lat Pulldowns- 150x7x2 - fail last 3 reps
    DB curls - 65's x7x2 - fail last 3 reps
    BBplate shrugs-45's x10x2
    Tricep pushdowns -105x7x2 - fail last 3 reps

    Well , there was a fail rep on every exercise but the squat & 45lb plates shrugs and they were almost all in the 3"s !! 3 fail reps each , which I knew was going to happen because Ive been concentrating in the 5-8 rep range for the last few years , mostly the 5 rep range .

    But it feels good to power thru on these extra reps . 2 more left in the 10"s.....:cool:
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    There is nothing like some good ole loud squats to make you really feel like a man! Do you lift by yourself or do you have a spotter?
  16. 100_2041.JPG

    Just me & the Powerhouse squat rack . Outside in the elements is how we like it .......[}:)]
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  19. I do want to add the HST training does a good job of exposing weakness , mine I feel is in the higher reps . The 5"s always go easier for me because Im use to them more . But I like(hate) the 10"s & 15"s too , they make you work longer & harder with alot less weight. After the 5"s I might do a week or more of 3 reppers then take a 12 day rest (suggested by HST founder Bryan Haycock) and rest things up . Then more probably , Im a glutton for this kind of punishment , lol. :D
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  20. HST#2
    (5/5/14) lbs/reps/sets
    BB Squats - 265x5x2
    Deadlifts - 265x5x2
    INC-DB Flyes- 70's x5x2
    INC-BB Bench- 200x5x2
    DB Press - 90's x5x2
    Lat Pulldowns- 160x5x2
    DB curls - 70's x5x2
    BBplate shrugs-45's x5x2 (holding each rep for 5 seconds at top / 10 second rest between sets)
    Tricep pushdowns -110x5x2

    Alright - started off this week of 5's with no fails , everything went really easy , probably because I'm strong in the 5 & under rep range ; a few exercises I kept the same weight from last week because its causing alot of joint pain , I hate golfers/tennis elbow .......~Ogh :D
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