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    Kratom is an opiate agonist. Main things with opiates is constipation and lowers your natural testosterone.
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    EDIT - sorry for the long post looks like i am turning into hemingway here;

    I used 25-30 mg/day for six months. Only side effects I had was major rashes inside both elbows wanted to scratch my skin off lasted about 6 weeks the dermo said it was allergic reaction something internal trying to get out. Went away never came back with future use. Waking up in morning already going thru dependency withdraws some flu-like symptoms. I have read half life is anywhere from 9 hours up to a week depending on the strain so waking up with withdrawls kind of makes sense. I never tapered went cold turkey on a friday and spent the next two days with flu-like symptoms and done. Used it to get off opiates for chronic pain never took it for relaxing or energy that was just a side effect for me which actually makes it more appealing than the garbage the pharmaceuticals companies shove down our throats. Unfortunately due to it being a natural product it lacks consistency and efficacy from batch to batch even the amount of rainfall in indonesia will effect the quality at least that's what some growers over there told me. I seem to build a tolerance to each strain within a few days so i need to rotate different vendors every three days for maximum pain relief. Dont believe any of the hype you hear about health problems if that were the case there would be far more chatter about this on the boards. (Sadly reddit seems to have the largest educated group on this.) As far as I know any deaths that it was linked to they had a cocktail of other drugs and alcohol in their system. All things considered considering all of the side effects that prescription drugs carry; kratom is a saint and i would not be concerned about recommending it to anyone. Its far safer than that snickers bar and can of coke people knock back five days a week behind their desk for the mid afternoon energy bump.
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    There is no such thing as strains of kratom. What kratom vendors did was invent a bunch of strains to satisfy YOUR need to call something something. People want something special, so we will create something special for you. Maeng da for example means Pimp grade or top shelf, it is a term used to describe your best stuff.
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    Sounds like they satisfied my need to call something something by inventing a bunch of strains which brought us to having a variety of strains to rotate thru. Big paharma did the same thing with opium they knew of my NEED to call something something and wanted to create that something special for me so they took the opium and created a bunch of different strains like hydrocodone oxycodone codeine morphine buprenorphine fentanyl heroin all for my NEED to feel special, as you state. I just wasn't able to verbalize it quite like you until now. I think we are saying the same thing here.
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    I have been in the kratom industry for about 8 years now. I am not trying to convince you, I am just letting you know how it is done. If you want to try to find support for "strains," find a botanist and ask him.
    There is only one plant, mitragyna speciosa. The differences in color is because of the drying process, the oxidization will make a powder more red. The different effect of "strains" is because of a variety of strengths in the two active alkaloids. If you guys want kratom info feel free to PM Me.

    Another thing that is funny to note, a lot of the strains such as Vietnam, Malay, Borneo, Thai they come from Indonesia. Everything comes from Indonesia...
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    I would think the percentage of the different alkaloids in Kratom would be effected by the different soil/regions/environment it was grown in. If one species of plant was always the same then I would think that all strains of cannabis sativa would all have the same level of cannabinoids in them.
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    Like some of you I've been at 30g+/day at times, definitely addictive at that dose. I was surprised when I discovered ramping off it was a bitch motherfucker and I couldn't do it... spent months struggling to taper down. I'd never been addicted to anything before so that was a first. Threshold for me seems to be 15-20g/day. Stay below that and I'm fine, can dump it at will.

    Also, be careful calling kratom "safe for anyone". Some people get severe toxicity effects, getting super ill and liver enzymes will spike off the chart. AST and ALT in the thousands. A blood test will show this clearly. I'm still a kratom fan and don't have this reaction myself, but have some care when administering the stuff to a noob.
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    I dont know if anyone in this thread said kratom was - safe for anyone. If they did then i overlooked it.

    I did some brief reading on liver and kidney toxicity from what i read it seems to be a rare occurrence. Probably why we don't hear more about it on the boards. Also the reports I read indicated in these cases there may have been other drugs involved as well as I started in previous post. Also one guy's psychiatrist noticed his jaundice; I am going out on a limb and assuming this guy's activity consisted of more than just kratom either now or in the past so a probability his organs were already taxed perhaps. The cases i read also specifically mentioned the kratom was either in the form of a capsule or purchased in a "novelty shop." Its standard prudence to never ingest kratom purchased in capsules (from the kwiki mart or truck stop) and i am not sure why anyone would ever ingest anything purchased in a novelty shop. But I guess without these people we would not have anyone to issue the darwin award to. This is no different then buying a bottle of test cyp from your neighbor who you already know brews meth in his bathtub; you get what you deserve. I guess the moral is kratom can be just as dangerous as energy drinks or alcohol or vaping or anabolic steroids.
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    Why? What is the problem?
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    The more middlemen you have the more problems can be introduced.
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    slyfox115 Member once you found your threshold you can jump off whenever you like and notice no ill effects? I was probably at the 30-40g range a day and am down to 15-20 and am noticing I can go much longer without starting to feel “less good”. I was in the same boat with not ever being addicted to anything but noticed kratom basically made me a better human in every way possible. I still want that effect when I choose but don’t want to HAVE to take it to feel normal. As my dose gets down to the consistent 15g range I might test the waters a bit too.
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    Was just giving the safety advice in general, not to anyone in particular. I just noticed a vibe of "kratom is safe!" in a few posts and wanted us to be clear on it. "Safe for most."

    As for deaths, it's been years since I researched any of those cases but I think I agree with you -- none of them were conclusively linked to kratom alone or as a primary cause. It's tough as shit to get good data on a quasi-legal drug like this (just as it was with weed until just the last five years or so) and the anti-kratom bias in the medical establishment and the media is as plain as day, same as with AAS. Just can't trust those fuckers. Legalize kratom, I say, and then use will skyrocket, quality and testing will as well, and any harm will be evident quickly from legit studies. Again, same as weed.

    Damn drug war.
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    Yeah mostly. I wouldn't say absolutely zero ill effects but minimal. I'm gonna be cranky, maybe watching too much tv and mowing bowls of Froot Loops, and maybe plowing through a six pack. But no issues the following day.
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    You want to legalize kratom so that big corporations can take over the market? Ehh.......
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    Been using kratom for the last 2.5 years and tapered off twice. The taper is important and the longer, the better. However, the beneficial side effects always brought me back.

    Main benefit was mood enhancement. I suffer from depression, especially the seasonal type and kratom at lower doses 1.5 grams x E8 hrs, really boosts mood and energy levels. I ride mountain bike and kratom gives me such a sense of calmness while rocketing downhill at insane speeds.

    But the sexual sides are amazing for me. I can go at it for as long as I like and it takes a good romp to get me off. Without it, I'm lucky to last 5 min. For a quickie, it's gotta be aggressive (which, my wife likes).

    My wife uses it during her monthly times and it really offsets cramping, elevates her mood (less bitchiness id great!) and reduces pain.

    Alot of shit on the internet is bad info, just like using test...
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    Opiates for depression, sounds like a good idea.

    Depression isn't a thing unless you make it a thing.
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    Hey dummy you dont know the person on the other keyboard, you have not walked in their shoes or lived in their head. I know that you think you know everything and all but its impossible to to. Simply acting like you do shows your ignorance.
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    Okay, thank you for your thoughtful message.
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    Totally agree on the scare tactics. Even when I’d taper then get down to zero it would obviously eliminate all the initial benefits from taking it.

    It’s the same thing with enhancing my training too. Another thing I noticed was the immune system. I’ve been taking it about 2 years and haven’t been sick for more than a 24 hour period and that was a minor cold which is hard to do with 2 little germ factories (kids) running around. I was an average sick at least 4 or 5 times during flu season but that is gone. It can’t just be a coincidence as all other lifestyle factors were the same.

    I really hope more legit research comes out because if I had to put all the positives kratom has in my life it would greatly outweigh any negatives.
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    Not sure why anyone with a past opiate dependence would ever touch this stuff. Regardless of its positives, reading peoples posts about withdrawing and quitting is sad. Because of my past, I'd never touch it.
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