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    The 90%+ population of people with major disorders.

    Here is a chance for you to be part of the discussion. Don't just be a nay-sayer. Form your opinion and discuss.
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    The problem "discussing" with you is your always right and everyone else and their opinion is wrong. So there's really no point discussing with you.
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    I am going to argue my point as if I am correct and then you argue your point as correct. Then we will look at all the information that is presented and an objective opinion can hopefully be made. And it isn't even about being right, it is more about hearing the other person's opinion and the way they perceive something. I actually get to know people by having a discussion with them, I get to follow their train of thought and I understand them better that way.

    Yes, I am very overpowering. I am aware of that and that is something I need to work on. I make people feel small so their voice isn't heard because of it.
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    What the fuck are you talking about ?

    Prevalence of mental disorder is the same in europe and usa
    There is no debate or opinion to be shared on this topic, theres EXTENSIVE literature about it
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    I am talking about the extremely overweight and drugged population of the USA. It is not the same in Europe. USA is the number one consumer of pharmaceutical drugs. The numbers are not the same, and the population is not the same either. Do you have an explanation or are you going to say it is the same?
    This is a poor source but I will link anyway:
    Biggest Pharmaceutical Markets In The World By Country
    1. USA $339,694 million USD
    2. Japan $94,025 million USD
    3. China $86,774 million USD

    You can probably get a better dialogue from people if you abstain from using profanity in every post. Perhaps you want to link the "extensive literature" so I can read it too?
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    At least you admitted what you did. If you can work on it some, you might have more and better discussions here.
  7. lol
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