Let’s see those garage gyms!

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Worf, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Lucky ;)
  3. 0486D4FA-724F-4527-BD6B-ECE2BD9C5CA8.jpeg There she is in all her glory! (Stock photo)
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    Fucking sick.
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    Fucking sweet I’m in the process in bulking my own gym. It’s a back shed type of thing, in the back of my house but it will get the job done. If you have any recommendations for deals on mats, equipment, please share. It’s mostly going to be boxing based, heavy bag, double end bag, speed bag, but I’m def throwing In the basics... bench, squat and what not.
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    Posted in my log thread but thought to add here.
    Finally got all my plates
    2 2.5lb
    4 5lb
    4 10lb
    4 25lb
    2 35lb
    10 45lb
    Total plate weight 685lbs, should keep going for a while.
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    That’s hardcore man lol... I’d slip and break my damn neck trying to squat on that.

    Even though that’s basically my same setup only mine is in the garage lol
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    I believe that is THE first time I’ve seen a dead poster in a gym lol! Do you get strange looks from hippies when you show up jacked to a show. I know I used too at other “jam” band type shows.
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    Just picked up a cable crossover machine for $700. I was so happy he still had it, I didn't even try to haggle. No where to assemble it until I finish hanging sheetrock, but everything is there and moves smoothly. Each side has 160 lbs in plates, with side bars to add more.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Over the weekend they announced masks required in all gyms here now. I see them getting closed again soon so I am back on the hunt for some more plates for my gym.

    Lots of places sold out, local prices still $4 lb or higher, but I did see Wal Mart has some plates and bumpers in stock. $2.50/lb for wal mart quality does not sound horrible at this point, but hoping some legit vendors will come up with some stock soon.
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    Been wondering- With gyms starting to reopen more and more ( albeit some with weird restrictions) is anyone here fully committing to home-gym life?
    I mean I have some basics but with some of the setups I see posted in here , dropping a gym membership could be totally doable.
    Save between 10-90$ a month and never have to wear a mask...
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    I dropped mine and not skipping a beat..
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    Anyone know where to buy a good set of bands? Can’t seem to find a company that has them in stock. Thanks.
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    A friend of mine was passing through my neck of the woods a couple days ago and decided to spend the night. We were in my tomb and he was giving me shit because I didn’t have enough plates for him to work out properly. He’s a big, strong young guy and was picking on me. I asked jokingly how much more weight he needed? He said oh would love to have about 100 more pounds or so. It was all a big joke really but I went and got two pieces of rope and tied a 50 pound dumbbell to each end of the barbell. After a good laugh he decided he was going to rep it out with my poor boy add on. He was floored and said he was going to add this to his training. I’ve heard of chains but that constant weight hanging and swinging causes some serious activation. Anyone else do this? Probably a stupid question but damn it really hits the muscles great. Tried it with ohp,squats,curls,etc.
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    That's like doing squats with your girl on your shoulders. Her squirming around really changes things.
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    You are a bad motherfucker if you are squatting the girls I associate with your avi. :p
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    For real man give it a try! I hung them about 18 inches from the barbell. Pretty cool change up.
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    I only do dumbbell work now. I'm 52 with bad shoulders. Bench press tears me up.
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    Doing that with the bands looped thru the weight makes it like a Tsunami bar. Really works the muscles to keep it stable.

    Probably the same effect as the jiggling fat rolls on one of the @Gbro girls.
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    Bands are the shit.... game changers. Those who know:....know.
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