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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Whoremoans, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Whoremoans

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    recently I have become very interested in primobolan. I've heard many people talking about primo as the Rolls Royce of steroids. No side effects, pure muscle gains, tissue growth in a deficit, and that primo was the compound that changed the appearance of their physique forever. I want to know what you know about primo. Your experience with it. Primobolan Enanthate, primo acetate, and oral primo ace. I'm currently 3 days in on injectable primo acetate. 1.1cc every day, dosed at 75mg/ml. Most painful compound I've ever used, but if the stories are true it'll be worth it. Is around 600mg primo ace a week enough? Let's start the discussion.
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  2. ironwill1951

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    this will be an interesting thread for me I want to run a 20 week cycle at 750 mg a week . the big concern I have is the pip,
    does it all have pip or just certain labs, what lab are you using ?
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  3. Whoremoans

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    I'm using some old 24K primo ace and yes it's extremely painful and gives me flu like symptoms the morning after every shot. If you're running a 20 weeker you should just go with primo Enanthate! It's still got a little bite but it's not suppose to be anywhere near the pain of primo ace. Primo E doesn't bother most guys.
  4. ironwill1951

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    primo e it will be , I am going to order 1 vial just to see how the pip is first,
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  5. Whoremoans

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    I'm sure you'll be able to handle the pip from enanthate. What lab are you thinking of getting it from?
  6. Mbell4377

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    If it's 100mg/ml there should be minimal pip

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  7. The Rock

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    I've never felt pip from primo although I always use e 200 mg or Bayer amps only

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  8. Whoremoans

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    You're getting fake primo.
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  9. ErikR

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    I tried primo ace before. It gave me the most painful pip I ever had. I also had flu like symptoms. I couldn't finish a two weeks on it. Never again.
  10. rutman

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    I think @Demondosage has some experience with primo.... What's you're take on this D?

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  11. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    I'm 4 pins in on it now. Two crippled ass cheeks, and waking up feeling like death. Sitting on the toilet is excruciating pain. Pinned my right delt just now. Pray for me.
  12. ErikR

    ErikR Member

    I was told to cut it with something. It still was extremely painful. You can try that.
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  13. Whoremoans

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    I'm currently using 1.1cc of 75mg/ml primo ace and .5cc of pharma grade test E every day. Once all my stuff comes in I'll be able to cut it much easier. I'll be shooting 1cc primo A, .5cc tren A, .5cc test E, and .6cc EQ every day.
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  14. drippie

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    Primo did very little for me except give me tonnes of acne.

    My acne seems to be completely related to the amount of oil i inject and obviously have to inject lots for primo.
  15. No experience with Primo, but definitely along for the ride here!
  16. ironwill1951

    ironwill1951 Member

    Primo of the Gods. I have used other gear of theirs and like it so far. their primo tests came back very good on anabolic labs

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  17. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    That's who I would reccomended personally. They have the real deal for sure. This 24K is definitely legit too. When I decide to run a long cycle of primo E I'll probably use some potg or Balkan.
  18. showstoppa

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    Dude drop the primo ace, no way you will be able to workout hard enough or use it long enough to get a ton out of it. You could try cutting it with eq at 2:1 eq to primo and see if it help but primo ace, like bold ace, is essentially unusable.

    Btw primo shines at holding on to a muscle during a cut or during slow lean bulks. Perfect compound if you have the patience, which most don't.
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  19. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    I have a pile of this stuff, I'm definitely going to use it.
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  20. ddp7

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    Primo v Test cyp v Nebido?