Mentally fucked guy again

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nervje, Sep 11, 2019.

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    Sounds like an eminem song
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    Yeah, I meant single straight guys. I have to move pillows out of the way at my house to sit down or get in bed. My wife has them everywhere.
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    Couches and beds... Covered here too lol
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    Hell I got a bathroom and a office I can't go in I'm not even allowed to touch the washer or dryer. Wife's a sports memrobila nut thou she is drug in insane during football season
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    Let that shit go man. Get on tinder, or go to the grocery store and pick up a couple numbers along with some some of that chicken breast that’s on sale! If you do meeting up with your ex, don’t go all out and try to “wow” her. You need to see where her head is at about you two. If she is constantly on her phone when y’all go out, you know it’s just not going to work!
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  6. Yeah I wouldn’t do anything too special, doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman people need to earn rewards. Don’t go out of your way unless she earns it is what I’m basically saying. No one truly respects a person who gives them undeserved praise..
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  7. A picnic sounds just darling. A nice bottle of wine and a fine aged cheese to enhance the flavor should fit nicely.

    Be sure to slice the cheese with a very sharp knife that glints in the sunlight. Then look deep into her eyes and say "if i can't have you, no one will" as you raise the knife with a slice of cheese to your mouth.
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    This is probably the best advice you’re going to get, honestly!
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    +1 Throw a sly wink in there for extra bonus points. Hard to go wrong with this advice.
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    God damn I love the last quote in this
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    Whoever said don’t do anything special, wins this thread. U don’t need anymore advice then that

    Ur just gonna look like a bitch and she’s still gonna feel in control. Don’t give her that

    If she wants ur d then she won’t give a duck how much aged cheese u have
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    Well to be honest,

    The thing is, i really do love her.
    I think about her 24/7 and I really dont know whats right or wrong if you know what i mean.

    Its really hard to tell, for todays meeting i dont plan anything too special, im doing our food and well eat that.
    Im not going anywhere or dont do any romantic type of stuff, and well have a big talk about our issues.

    But overall, i feel like having to do the most weird shit to make her see, how much i actually like her.

    Not that ive not done some romantic shit the past few months when we were together, but im talking overboard stuff, you know, movie type of stuff.

    I just cant get my head off of her obviously and she still kinda lets me know that there are feelings for me too, but shes way better at playing the "act hard" - kindof game.

    I mean shes alot older so obviously she knows what kinda strings to pull to make me weak.

    Its really hard to tell, whats right or wrong.

    To be honest, im at this point of thinking to just fuck it, do gear again and go back to what i loved before i met her, which was doing my training and getting big.
    Its like a relapse kind of feeling, and i try to stay away from those thoughts because i came off quite successfully and dont wanna ruin it again, just to make me get her out of my head fellas..

  13. So youre not on gear now? Now I get it! You my friend are suffering from what we call ESTROGEN REBOUND. Thats why you sound like a roll of Charmin soft Ass paper.
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    Im off gear for a few months now
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    Just updating here.

    We did the meet like 2 weeks ago and had a nice talk on a Friday.

    Next day, I went to get out with a few friends, just to get phone calls from her while we were having a couple of drinks at night, saying that she's about to go into my flat and visit my dog (she still had my flats keys).

    I rushed home to find her stupidly drunk lying in my bed.
    I woke her up and she started acting up all crazy, we ended up having sex and she fell asleep.

    Went through her phone, and saw she was texting her ex during the period we were not talking (a 3 week period before the said meeting).
    There were no sexual encounters with him as he is out of country (nor sexual text messages of any kind, just normal talking via WhatsApp).

    Idk man, I woke her up again and demanded an explanation but well, things kind of escalated to the point of us fighting very loudly and end up falling asleep again.
    I tried my best not to lay my hands on her because I was fucking Triggered.
    I haven't had such aggressions even on gear in years.

    I was lucky, only thing I did, was holding her mouth shut when she started shouting nasty shit at me at night and weird drunk blabberish stuff.
    Idk if she did drugs too but she seemed like a CRAZY ASS BITCH that night, crazier than usual.

    Well, we fell asleep, next day we had a talk about what actually happened this night when she was sober, I fucked her and then brought her home.

    To this day, it's hard for me to accept the fact she talked to her ex dude, even if it was just random stuff.

    Me and her talk normally still but yah, Idk how to cope with it tbh

  16. You and her are made for each please for the love of GOD leave us alone with this bullshit!
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    Well I just updated my thread, u don't have to come here and read it dipshit
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    Dude just move on.... Or move on to a mental health forum
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    Dude, once your broken up and considered an ex, you, as well as she, have the right to see or screw whoever. There are no more ties so that negates the need for loyalty. 1) you shouldn’t have went through her phone. 2) if you absolutely have to go through her phone, never bring it up. Just keep it as interesting shit to know.

    You fucked the dog on that one. Learn what broken up means.
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    Ya u checked her phone this shit over now, any guilt she woulda felt for talking to the ex is BYE BYE

    Now it’s safe to say u have fucked the dog and it’s time to move on
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