Meso brothers... Engagement rings, advice on affording it?

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by Evom1, Dec 12, 2018.

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    You sir...need a movie deal.
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    Most of it was boring. Trimming like 10 hours a day every day even with the spinpro and trimpro machines. Covered in THC from head to toe. THC covered hair on the forearms requiring paint thinner to remove. Took a shower at the grow op before driving but even then the car smelled overwhelmingly of freshly cut bud. Took another shower at home and the whole home reeked from the steam from the shower. Couldn't have family or guests over around harvest time which was every 60 days and lasted a few weeks. Had to hide cash in the attic under the insulation. Always paranoid that the grow op would burn down and I would go to jail or my home would burn down and I would lose all the cash I was hiding. FBI came knocking one day with the IRS criminal investigation division. That was the last day I grew, next day I tore it all down And got the best lawyer in the state. Luckily they never pursued me.
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    I'm curious what type of legal businesses you grew into but I understand if you don't wanna share
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    Started several and they are all ones that accept cash as a primary form of payment. Mix that in with credit cards and you have a perfect money laundering operation.
    The reason I went down that route is because the CID was visiting me due to me depositing $9,000 a week into my bank account. I figured it was better to launder it through a business. Eventually I ran through all of the cash and the businesses had to fund My Lifestyle on their own. Thankfully they had several years to get up and running. The one my wife works at right now makes almost as much money as we did illegally. I think most of us on here have a high tolerance for illegal activities. Honestly it's probably more risky me ordering raws online than it was me growing... statistically speaking.
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    Taxes bro I said that mine got taken because of old 1099 form taxes I never payed when I had my own business she was sad for me an never saw it coming best of luck bud its almost that time of year
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    That last part is pretty depressing considering the context.
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    Don't fall for it
    Any $200 look-alike will do
    save those grands for kitchen cabinets or some other home appliances.

    If the girl doesn't understand it, then you got the wrong girl.
    I'm sorry to be that blunt, but that's just the way it is.
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    Keep us posted with your Increlex igf-1 log.
    You CAN afford it.
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    Lol, just GH for me. Almost anyone can afford $10 a day for gh. Wouldn't know where to get legit igf anyway.
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    Some doctors will prescribe anything for $
    Increlex ain't watched, so it's safe for them to prescribe.
  12. Fuckin smart man here.
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    Diamonds are a scam - utter waste of money
  14. LOL
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    Go to a local independent jeweler, maybe get a recommendation from a friend or family member. A lot of these places, if you come in with cash (if you can swing it), they’ll knock the price down significantly and probably won’t even charge you sales tax, especially if they know you or your friends etc.

    I saved thousands off the list price and not paying sales tax doing it this way. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Of course if you go to a national chain store or whatever your options for negotiation are pretty limited

    Good luck with everything and I won’t be bitter like these other guys and mention divorce lol
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    I would go to Pricescope forum. Ask the question. Buy from who they tell you to after you pick from stones they suggest. Honest and knowledgeable dudes with nothing to gain by helping you. James Allen, WhiteFlash, BlueNile, etc...
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    Man, i can totally relate to this. We're going to Miami in a couple weeks for the 10x growth con. I figured it would be a good time to propose. I ran to the store one day to look at rings. They had a "cheap" one for $2,500. Naturally my wannabe alpha male instincts kicked in and i said, "Well, what does a slightly above average ring look like." It literally just had a not even really noticably bigger center stone and a few smaller stones next to it that you can hardly see and it was $7,000. Lol. Then my cheapskate instincts kicked in and I was thinking, "Hmm... for 1/3 of the cost i can get one that looks almost as good..." Lol. Ended up settling on this. All I can say is they are definitely scams, but I guess when it comes down to it. It means something to her to show it off. So whatever.

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    That looks really nice brother. She will be very happy!
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    Nice job man! I think we all have that mindset of wanting to go bigger
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  20. Not bad. Now talk to me about this 10X conference? Grant Cardone?