Meso brothers... Engagement rings, advice on affording it?

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by Evom1, Dec 12, 2018.

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    Yeah. We were already going to be in orange beach and heading over to either Miami or Fort Myers. So we decided just to go to Miami and go to the conference. I always like going to events like that.
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    Just got engaged two months ago ring was 16k for 1.5 carrot. Color and clarity are your two biggest up cost. Personally clarity won’t be seen without the magnifying lens. So looking at it with the naked eye you won’t see the diamond imperfections. But the color is more noticeable. Looks yellow the lower the quality. N yes blows my fkn mind how crazy expensive they are. Personally found a good place that had 4 year 0% interest n got a nice ass fkn ring for my girl I been living with for 9 years. So she been there thru it all. So she deserved it. But none the less was to good of a deal most places don’t offer any financing you would have to use ur own credit card n pay what ever crazy ass interest in it. If that was the case I wouldn’t of gone thatbhigh in price.
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    Nope nope and nope. My girl doesn’t give a shit what a damn ring costs. If she did I wouldn’t be with her. I’ve got other more important places for my money to go. Cheap ring so what it can get replaced or upgraded later. She can’t wear it at work anyway. To us it’s a symbol of commitment which has nothing to do with money. Not sure if that’s the same one I’ve seen but basically diamonds became popular because of a diamond company trying to sell them and it caught on. That’s it. Wasn’t even really a tradition before that. Even if I had a few $k I didn’t need she wouldn’t have me waste it on that.
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    As said by some people above, you guys are BRUTAL, jaded mother fuckers , hah.

    I married someone who is the exact opposite of me. She drove a $5,000 car when I met her, she never wants to go shopping or anything of the sort. She’s an extremely low maintenance person.

    HOWEVER - I think regardless of how good the advice is, a man is never going to be able to understand on a level where it “makes sense”, the way women look at things. The ring being a fairly big one.


    My wife loves her ring and would have been happy if I went out and spent $5000-7000 on a ring. I was ready to go into this thinking that I would have to cough up $50-100k. I was told multiple times that it didn’t matter but the reality is regardless of how flashy or subtle your woman is, they all like to be able to show off a nice ring. It doesn’t need to cost a down payment but don’t go into this expecting to get divorced and the worst to happen, letting that be the determining factor. NOTHING good in life comes from thinking like that. What you can afford is what you can afford and if you pick out something that both of you would consider nice, something you wouldn’t normally spend but for this purchase it was “worth it” shows your invested in this partnership and will make her happy.

    Happy wife, happy life.
    I’ve dated my fair share of gold digging scum but I think the majority of people are good intentioned and not out to fuck everything that’s walking. I know I lost some people that were really important because I let my previous experience over power my logic.

    My 1/2 cent of advice.
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    Turn the tables for a second, would you really want your wife to be in debt to buy you a ring? Society is retarded these days.
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  6. Engagement ring? Or is this the wedding ring? M'eh, close enough.

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    Acid test:
    Buy her a $300 lookalike ring and spend the rest in a van/minivan to carry things and eventually the kids around.
    If she refuses, then you got the wrong girl.

    Do you have a suitable workout routine for that weight?
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    I financed mine. I don't know if they still do that.
  9. Great, see you in Miami.
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    Here is what you do.
    When you meet a new girl and dating becomes semi serious. Buy her a precious stone as a gift(necklace,) something meaningful(birth month) and beautiful like amethyst or whatever.

    Then if you guys end up getting married then you suggest buying a ring with that stone instead of the diamond. That way you save money, and create something special and sentimental. She will brag to her friends about how special her ring is because it was something established when you first fell in love.

    Just gotta do some planning!
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    Nice long game dude, if she isn't wifey material it doesn't cost much up front. Well Welled sir
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