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Discussion in 'Sports' started by CdnGuy, Dec 27, 2015.

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    For once I agree with you on something, however Dana said the complete opposite.
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  2. Senorman

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    What part of the video does Dana discuss this? I don’t want to watch 38 minutes.
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    No sense in watching it. I concur what @Ultimatepip said, Dana said Kabib vs conner 2 is 100% the fight to make should Kabib get past Tony.
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  5. Senorman

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    As in Connor’s very next fight, or more vague on the timing?
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    I'm almost certain that 16 year old me beat Masvidal's 5 seconds.
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    He definitely doesn't mention a date but he does say Connor fights the winner of that match.
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    Manny is a killer, he might get the KO on McGregor !!
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    I'm going with Jones, but ya never know. UFC-247-Poster-Cropped.jpg
  11. You know that’s fake right ? That’s never going to happen
  12. Jones is going to murder this dude tonight within 3 rounds.
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