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    Isn’t the whole point of cutting the most weight possible and then regaining it after weigh in help you use your size and strength as an advantage? He beat tf out of seasoned vets when no one said he stood a chance because of his background and inexperience.
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    Brock had some bad gyno surgery !!
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    I mean I give him credit for what he accomplished with his lack of mma experience no doubt he did get beat up a lot though and his weakness made him look amateurish at times when they were exploited. The dude said he wondered what Brock would be like if he did not have the disease, what he should have said is what would Brock be like if he started training in mma in his early 20s late teens like most other fighters.

    You are kind of right about the weight cutting thing the only thing about it is that really only applies to fighters who cut down heavyweight has a limit. Most people who cut to light heavyweight downward originally did it so they have a size advantage. It is an oxymoron because they all do it lol. So at this point they only cut weight so they wont be undersides. It is unhealthy but that is the nature of competition.
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