Ya I’ve been taking it befor bed, I already get up 2-3x a night to eat even before the mk, so I’m hoping once that part wears off the gh part will improve my sleep a bit.

really? Is that because you are trying to bulk or was that always just a habit of yours?


my 2 cents on MK677 So tired all time time could nap anytime hard to funtion daily and workout because of it . bloat like crazy with water increase bp from that caused insulin resistance and hunger was off the chart never went away not a good sides to have daily ,, if alll u have to day is lay around eat ur golden
Anyone here run Mk677 and GH together? New coach protocol calls for it, supposedly very synergistic together. Mk at night to avoid hunger craving and to not overlap GH dosing throughout the day (4ius split am/late afternoon).