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  1. Sparkyp

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    This is an amazing compound. I’m still only running roughly 12.5mg in the morning only. Hunger has gotten better over the weeks. Blood sugar stabled.
    But the strength is crazy. Pumps are great.
    I just through in 20mg of ostarine e/d and this shit makes me feel great. Even better pumps with the stack.

    to not think sarms or mk does not work is bullshit. They most certainly do and are perfect for folks like me looking for a slight edge and not to be a pro
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  2. Perrin Aybara

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    MK definitely works, never tried any sarms.

    I wish I'd tested my blood glucose when I was running it. I just started checking it about a month ago since I've been running 4iu a day of HGH. This morning it was 88, so it's good so far. I'm curious if MK affects it more than HGH.
  3. VaDImadi

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    Are people checking their liver enzymes on this stuff?

    I read on another forum some guy checked his whilst using MK only and they were trashed
  4. Perrin Aybara

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    I'd have to pour through my log for exact details, but this is from my last mid blast bloodwork, so it's roughly 5-6 weeks in on 15-25mg a day. I'd also just started some Anavar and was taking a lot of ibuprofen at the time dealing with some nagging injuries. Slightly out of range.

  5. Sparkyp

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    My ast also jumped from below 40 to now 43.

    will compare bloods in in 8 weeks.
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  6. Perrin Aybara

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    That's the first time mine has ever been out of range from AAS or supplements, so might've been the cause more than the ibuprofen or Anavar.

    TAKESHI Member

    I’ve never used MK only HGH. Besides the the increased igf -1 is anyone seeing strength increases, fat loss, or any kind of dramatic change in there physique or endurance.
  8. TROLL ALERT !! :rolleyes:
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    I need to look more into liver enzymes but I remember vaguely reading about people’s liver enzymes being 200+ from various diseases. 45 is not ideal but I can’t imagine it being serious. Especially the liver which is pretty durable

    I could be speculating. I’m not staying fact
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    I was having monthly bloods for liver function for over a year. Did a couple compounds during, but the one constant was mk677. Alt and ast were all in the normal range.

    The problem with sarms ( i know mk isn't a sarm, regardless), is it's the wild west out there as to wether you are getting a pure or contaminated or bunk product. No standardized testing, other than if you go to the expense and test it yourself.

    So far, knock on wood my source has been solid. We will see what kind of an impact the "China ban" will have.
  11. Rosconow

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    My alt (liv enzyme) was 240 from 60mg Anavar at the end of 6 weeks. I was also taking 500mg sust, but i know it wasnt the test elevating the liver zymes. And, i don't drink.... live like a monk kinda... no celibacy though!

    Everyone reacts differently to compounds, the next time someone says var is mild, it might be, but not on my liver....
  12. g-protein

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    Same for me. Just checked my ALT and AST after having been on 20 mg MK-677 for several months. Everything showed up completely normal.
  13. g-protein

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    How long does it usually take for the lethargy to go away after stopping the mk?
  14. test>tren

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    Did you test your var? Sounds like another compound being sold as var
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  15. Rosconow

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    No need. I just apparently have a very sensitive liver, i now have a specialist "on staff" for ever probably. Good for getting blood tests done none the less.
  16. AVGGUY74

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    For me it was only about 2-3 days and I was back to feeling normal. Between being totally zapped all day and the general body aches, after trying it three different times I have decided that it is not for me.
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  17. gainzoclock

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    What dose is this at?
  18. Yuma2010

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    MK definitely works. I was a huge skeptic. I got some bottles for free. Wow! I’m older but I felt like I was 18. Had some water retention but that’s not a biggie. Strength was - unbelievable, so much that I had to scale back cause I have a past pec year. Hunger. Forget about it. You’re a bottomless pic. Lethargy. I thought I had adrenal fatigue I was so tired. But hey, that means you are getting some legit stuff.

    So from a “negative naysayer” I admit I was wrong, this stuff works.
  19. Mayne

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    Anyone noticed higher BG when taking MK-677 at night against in the morning
  20. gainzoclock

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    Do you also drink alcohol or anything?

    I run heavy dbol + accutane for a good amount and my liver values are half yours, so I'm wondering how.