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    Research this...amazing. stuff

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    I feel this almost doubles the effectiveness. I will try to post the study I found. I know it's not hard to find on Google

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    I’m on page 11 and should be done reading through this thread later today.
    If anyone is willing to give me a cheat sheet quickly I’d appreciate it:

    what are you guys doing if anything at all to control glucose levels? At what level are you alarmed and feel you should act?
    If my glucose is running higher should I be concerned even if I plan to cycle off in 6-8 weeks?
    My levels are hit higher but not alarming just yet. Not sure I want to go down the road of insulin use. Not sure when to be alarmed and if it’s something that corrects itself once stopped
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    Very good thread. Thanks for sharing this man, definitely learned from this. Cheers.
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    So everyone knows if they don’t monitor their blood:

    base glucose level 92

    7 straight days of 10mg mk677 and levels rose to 135
    Took 2 days off and levels dropped to 102

    1st day back on was yesterday and tested glucose this morning and it was 128

    these are diabetic levels. I just don’t know if I should stop immediately or in 6-8 weeks assuming it will regulate

    Since I haven’t really found that answer yet I’m going to just stop
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    I would not continue with that high of BG numbers. I would stop, take berberine, do intermittent fasting or cut down on carbs for awhile. That's just me.
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    Yeah I agree. From my research it appears this is normal and that it’s not dangerous if you give yourself breaks like 5 days on 2 days off. Not sure how many people are even checking their glucose daily
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    Ok. Let me rephrase my question:

    does anyone know how long a typical body can tolerate high glucose levels before it becomes either dangerous or can potentially cause permanent issues such as diabetes?

    I understand it’s a broad question. Everyone is different. But many here run gh and mk without insulin. Are you concerned if you even know your levels are high?

    I would like to think it’s similar to our lipid panel when on and cholesterol is out of wack but returns to healthy ranges when off.

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    Blood sugar yesterday was 125 or something and today fasted it was 117.

    this stuff is working great but I would highly suggest getting a glucose meter. I’m going to run it 5 days on and 2 days off. Hopefully the glucose comes down on weekend
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    Sorry for the ghost bump... but fentanyl sounds amazing! My life is already fucked up, I want to forget I have arms too!
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    just a suggestion, but start adding cinnamon to everything and then retest! I eat cinnamon like candy due to its blood sugar benefits. I put it in my Intra and post shake with dextrose. There’s a lot of research proving cinnamon to be very helpful in the battle against diabetes, curious if it’s strong enough to counterbalance the effects on blood sugar from MK.
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    Your absolutely correct. Cinnamon does help regulate insulin/sugar.

    I will incorporate that somehow. I don’t do many shakes as I like to eat while food but I’ll figure a way to incorporate it.
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    How much u taking
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    Most guys who are using mk are trying to bulk. So telling a guy to low carb it is kinda odd. Anyone thought maybe small amount of lantus to take off stress from panky?
    Glucose disposal agents in the morning or peeved maybe?
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    And what are you talking about being doubled here the benefit of MK-677?
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    A quick update for people looking to try it. I’m sure the vets here already know this.

    many glucose was hovering around 120 the 1st week. 2nd week it started to drop and was in the 90s later this week.

    I’ve been taking weekends off

    calories, protein and carbs all remain exactly the same: 2500cal 220g protein, 300g carbs and I’m up 5 lbs in 2 weeks running 10mg liquid in morning fasted.

    I’m much fuller. Def feeling sluggish and a bit tired but I do get crazy pumps and appetite isn’t to bad to control at this dosage.

    don’t know if I’m going to increase. Want to give it a little more time.
    It was relieving to see the sugar levels stable. Hopefully that remains
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    Sorry guys if I’ve been hijacking this thread. I didn’t really get the answers I wanted from any members so I’m going to post my experience to hopefully help someone out.

    I wanted to note that I have severe autoimmune disease which is psoriasis. I manage it pretty well through diet without any drugs. Not perfect but pretty good.
    I noticed this week my skin lesions and patches have SIGNIFICANTLY cleared up towards the end of week 2

    time will tell if this helps me manage severe psoriasis. If it does it will help many
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    Note to everyone that smoke weed like i do at night while running Mk. This will test your discipline for hunger. lol.
    Holy shit. My calories are strictly still at or around 2500 as I don’t want to blow up. But trying to control the hunger with these two supplements will truly test your will power. Haha.

    I found some 90 calories frozen snacks that help me late night
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    When I was running it a couple months ago I started taking it in the middle of the night because taking it before bed I'd wake up hungry in the night and have trouble falling back asleep.
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