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    No alcohol. I don't know, I guess everyone responds differently. I abused the hell out of my liver when I was younger and that's the only time it's ever been out of range. Apparently MK 677 + ibuprofen + Anavar was enough to do it.
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    Anybody else getting heartburn from MK 677? I just started it back up and it's terrible. Worse than tren.
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    Never had an issue bit a simple fix would
    Be taking a tbsp of apple cider vinegar
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    Since that post I started putting the MK in a capsule and filling the rest of the capsule with glutamine and that cleared it up completely.
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    How long do you guys run for? I am thinking of running 20mg/day for my 12 week cycle plus my pct, so 18 weeks or so. Too long?
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    25 mg a day for 12-15 weeks
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    8 months on, 4 months off. Mk-677/ gh is a long play to see the true benefits.
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    Has anyone ran it with DNP?
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    Quick question so I got mixed reviews with MK677 when it comes to burning bodyfat; I know it isn't as great as pharma or generic HGH. But I'm looking at studies and it shows no change in reduction of adipose tissue when running MK compared to HGH. I see there was lbm increase but that is due to intracellular water retention. People are gaining a shitton of strength while on MK677 cause of water retention, but when they come off do they drop that strength cause of water weight coming off? I mean I put on a good amount of water retention from creatine; but my strength levels just dip a lil when I come off; would this be the same with MK677? Also I'm going through the thread and some people are saying they lost bodyfat using this drug; but that could be due to the diet itself, unlike HGH I see people maintain their bf percentage or even dropping a lil during a bulk.

    Effects of an Oral Ghrelin Mimetic on Body Composition and Clinical Outcomes in Healthy Older Adults: A Randomized, Controlled Trial
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    Should you be taking berberine for mk or is it not a big risk for making you diabetic?
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    I think the limitation of the study you posted is that the researchers can't control for any changes in diet. They asked participants to maintain normal diet but that doesn't mean people didn't eat more calories due to increases in hunger caused by MK. So, that could be an explanation as to why the studies show no change in bodyfat but more diligent people here experience some bodyfat reductions. Or people here just happened to lose weight due to diet in spite of MK and just happened to be taking it at that time.

    As to the strength gain, I suspect it would be like creatine in your situation. You'll lose some for sure since the extra water helps your joints and helps you train harder, but I think the gains that are training induced would mostly remain. Again, I think.
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    I'd say it depends on how long you use MK. If only a month (for example) then I think you're ok not using berberine, metformin or another GDA. But if you intend to use MK long term then I'd definitely look into taking a GDA along with it. I don't believe it would make you full blown diabetic as long as you're still doing your cardio and eating at maintenance or at a moderate surplus. But it could play hell with your degree with insulin sensitivity. So I'd take the precaution of a good GDA along with it.
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    I'm gonna use for 3 months 30mg yeah I guess I'll just buy some and use it just to be on the safe side I guess.
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    So far, I have stayed away from HGH and MK.
    I am a type 1 diabetic and have been an insulin pin cushion since childhood! It is hard enough managing blood sugars as a type 1 diabetic.

    But I am always tempted and wonder if it is just a matter of slightly upping my basal insulin and bolus/fast acting injections to manage such compounds?

    Until I know A LOT more about this, I will stick to the other gear.
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