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    Ok so that's I think the "warm up" one on the captain of crush. The #1 starts at 140lbs to close it then makes like 40lb jumps if I'm not mistaken. They also come in .5 , I have #1 , #1.5 etc... Going up to #3. They go up to #4, World's Strongest Man Status.
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  2. Modified this with half a piece of pvc to fit my and stop it from digging into my palm. If I’m not working I’m squeezing this and scrolling MESO.

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    so today's Push Pull workout turned into just a pull after annihilating triceps the day before yesterday. Push just wasn't happening today.
    Pullups x 4
    Sandbag rows x 4
    Dumbbell rows x 4
    TRX rows x 4

    Dragon Flag
    Wheel Rollouts
    TrX Superman hold

    Neck harness
    Wrist roller.

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    IMG_20200415_182320325.jpg suspended my wrist roller from a three-quarter inch pipe and some double wrapped 550 cord. Love this thing. Very happy to be able to put it to use again. Always just used the j hooks in the squat rack before the world ended.
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    built this dip station which works awesome, and came up on to old School 50 lb York barbell plates that A friend gave to me. Also another matching 40 lb dumbbell for the lone one that I had. Coming together. IMG_20200508_141459220.jpg IMG_20200507_175753495.jpg
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    That bit of kit looks class, I've seen a dude on Instagram called "Jujimufu" use one and the pump he got was pretty insane.
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