New start diet with Var (eq?, Clen?) questions


Thanks for the clarification. I was under the impression that taking AAS with high body fat and doesn't work out much is a lot more risky health-wise vs. someone who has low body fat and trains frequently.

I think he is actually a she, if I'm not mistaken!

I believe you are correct in both aspects. It is way more of a health risk at higher body fats and not training then being leaner and putting in proper training and nutrition but that's because of lifestyle mostly. And my bad on saying he/him I'm still in shock that females are talking to me so I just assume they are males :p


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Sorry op but 27% body fat only dropping 3% from start? No amount of peds will get you where you want to be. Work on your diet, drop 10-15% fat naturally, and when you have accustomed your self to that type of dieting with dedicated success, then you can start thinking about adding compounds. Again work on your DIET


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