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  1. Jjwatty2027

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    Received a few kits of batch #47 mauve tops yesterday. Communication/service was pretty good. Received in 3 days after shipping.
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    Nice bro. Love to hear back from you on those.
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  4. Big.E89

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    I also received one kit of the #47 batch mauve tops. Came 3 days after payment. Wanted to give these a try after hearing so many good things.
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  5. Jjwatty2027

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    Sheesh is that you in your avi?
  6. Big.E89

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    It is indeed brother
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    Mirin’ dude
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  8. Big.E89

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    Thanks big guy! Was 245ish in that pic. Dieting down for North Americans about 228 now.
  9. puckhog

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    @Big.E89 just curious if you care to share how you are running your GH?
    Looking jacked man.
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    I have a guy right now but strong back up is strong.
  11. Big.E89

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    Not at all. Right now with me phasing over into contest prep I'm doing 10ius split into multiple doses per day with fat burning being the primary focus. 2iu serostim split fasted, pre and post workout and 4iu mauve tops pre bed. I use humalog with the post workout dose
    And try to keep other doses as far away from carbs as possible while still being meals in. Utilizing berberine, cinnamon and a few other things throughout the day to help with insulin resistance.

    In the pic in avi I was off session and was doing 10ius all pre workout with insulin to try and get the largest igf spike I could.
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    Placed an order with Next day, and so far communication has been great. The auto list has an update at the beginning letting you know exactly what is going on. So your never left without up to date information. It's just a matter of waiting now, I will update everyone how the order goes. So far I have zero complaints.
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    Do you compete?
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    Lol nvmd got my answer to that, goingnfor pro card?
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  15. Where the hell was i when dude man snuck in on a SUNDAY!
    You guys need to start tagging me. i can't keep up.
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    My order arrived in a timely manner, and from start to finish I have zero complaints. I will more than likely continue to buy from next day as long as they're a viable source. Price is higher than TP, but shipping is much faster.
  17. Made in USA

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    3 days from payment to received my pack .
    Going to start the Mauves at 5iu a day and see how it goes .
    Will update if any issues arise

    I also have some grey tops on the way from TP international been three weeks and they just shipped .

  18. NextDayHgh

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    thank you guys for all the feedback... seems meso is a very active board, as my orders have shot up...

    i haven't posted because of blacks being out of stock...... mauves are in, but there has been a sharp rise in demand for the blacks....

    should get the blacks at the end of this month.... Mauves are in now.

    if any of you emailed over the past weekend, I replied today... I apologize for the late replies... Spent time with family over the holiday. Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend

    Thank you for all the support.



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    Forgive my ignorance, but what/who is TP?
  20. He's known as The Provider. That's all you get. o_O;):D