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    Sources stay in their own thread MSG
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  2. i don't sell Hgh, so it seems okay to me somehow.
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    lol- thats all there is to say
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    tried nextday- as advertised- will be nice if he is gtg for a long time
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    Just got an email from NDHGH blacks are still not in stock but they do have mauves.
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    ty guys

    ill be more active

    mauves are in...blacks are coming... getting a lot of requests for blacks

    rpbb,apologize about not replying sooner... was out of stock a few days

    btw... this email i post . is our only email... We have only 1 email. That's it. thank you guys for the support
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    Domestic or International source?
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    Only 4 pages to read and you will have your answer. Sorry if you think I’m a dick but the answer is easily found if you just read.
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    Pulled the trigger on the Mayves. Let’s see what’s up. Email sent
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    Mauves Batch 53
    1/2 a vial per day (6iu)
    Igf 459
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    Holy shit man- 4453 total test and 214 E2- you better get on an AI- whose test you running and how much per week? Also, how long were you taking the mauves before you tested? Did you take 10 IU IM before testing? Curious as well how it is treating you and if it is adding any water weight or causing bloat- thanks for the post and any additional info
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    Tired and lethargic...
    But not too bad considering the estradiol that high .
    I plan to drop down to 1/3 vial per day .
    Roughly 4iu
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    Yea I explained it in Tgi thread .
    I jus got bloods pulled so I started Anastrozol this week .
    The last pin was day before around 5:30pm
    Tested next morning 9am
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    4/16/19 HGH Testin Results
    Posted Below is the results of the 8 HGH samples that were tested
    Remember and respect the rules of this section and this Forum

    #1 Grey Tops
    3.22 MG./ 9.66 IU Per Vial
    Purity 99.083%
    Dimmers and Related Proteins .007%

    #2 Keytech Blk
    4.04/ 12.12

    #3 Keytech Blu
    3.03/ 9.09

    #4 T/P Mauves
    4.65/ 13.95

    #5 Giant Blk
    3.18/ 9.54

    #6 Ace Blu
    3.24/ 9.72

    #7 Racetropin
    4.41/ 13.23

    #8 Kefei
    2.83/ 8.49
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    Tested by who?
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    Buck1973 and Racepicks over at PM organized the testing.
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    What lab did they use for the testing?