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    You don’t see gh results 7 days in...
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    I believe it broke through the plateu I had whether it be placebo or not. So whos to say it didnt work?
  3. jJjburton

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    I also take t4. So I see very little but some results. From 7 days ago.
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    Sorry for delay, for some reason didn't get notification and it took some time to discuss :)
    There is no impcat on general anaesthetic by these components
    But I would reccommed to stop gear 4-5 days prior
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  6. jJjburton

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    Will be posting my bloods tomorrow...4 iu hgh pinned split 2 iu am and 2 iu pm
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  8. jJjburton

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    Here is the bloodwork.....
    4 iu split- 2 AM and 2 iu PM

    I got it 20 days after first pin which is 3 weeks.

    I sensored out the Source which is the Lab I got the bloodwork from, because then you would know my location.

    My baseline was 219. This is the first time I have ever run HGH.

    IGF-1 Bloods Sensored.jpg
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    Lucky bastard with your hugh natural IGF1 lol

    Bloods look solid, good increase.

    How are the sides treating you?
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    I know I had no idea my igf-1 was so high natrually. Because my Test was extremely low naturally. My test was 200, just as high as my igf-1. I hope the exogenous HGH wont ruin that baseline if I stop.

    The lethargy is really bad. I cant do much being this tired. this is my last dose split pinning. I will be doing 3 iu 1 hour before bed, Until the lethargy goes away.
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    Lethargy should subside, if not I’m pretty sure T4 being low could be a result. There is a connection there some say. But when I started different brand 3-4 weeks lethargy went away finally.
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    Thank you sir!

    promo still actual:
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    (Only international store, sorry)
    50$ store credit for a blood test (after you do the test)

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    Also fyi we didn't have any seizures 2+ years in USA/Canada/Australia

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    The low T4 could definitely be part of the lethargy issue. GH does inherently make me tired though when I take it forum the day, regardless of brand. Helps just taking it at night, but of course then you have the hand/arm numbness at night and igf-1 increases seem to maybe not be as good (going off of MM's testing).
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    So you were also taking Anavar with the GH and during the test? If so that's a solid IGF score for 5iu's, imo.
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    Sample was sent to jano for testing, in case anyone was waiting on someone to do that
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    White or blue?

    Would it not have been wiser to keep Jano in the dark whose product is is? Now all he has to do is check this topic, see OneQ have already done a hplc and just write out the same result/one very close, without doing any work
  17. graciebjj

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    Well now obviously I can’t tell you just in case you might be a @janoshik alt account trying go bait info on an incoming sample.

    Prove you’re not by paying the Weights and Measures fees for me and I’ll send a vial there, too.
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    Hahaha and the plot thickens!!!
  19. VaDImadi

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    Haha its true though

    You have obviously seen the thread by Mands about Jano

    Then the other day someone posted this one

    Keytech ?

    Janoshik Analytical Scam.

    It just seems he has a rep across multiple forums for being shady

    So if i was to send him anything, id be giving him as little information as possible
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