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  1. jJjburton

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    If the premixed is mixed....Then how do you store it in the facility? How would someone store it at there home?
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    when do u expect to have that slow long lasting gh?
  3. jJjburton

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    Also how many iu's would the premixed be and how many ius to put in syringe?
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    Probably the same way that Genotropin or Humatrope or Norditropin are stored... in a fridge
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  5. jJjburton

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    So with this info....
    5mL equals 50 iu. So .1 mL equals 1 iu.
    For 5 Ml equals 45 iu. So .1111 mL equal 1 iu
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  6. OneQ

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    In the fridge ofc. We also ship in special boxes. Storage temperatures here:
    Blue - 2 years at 2-8°C (35-46°F) ~30 days with max temp 35°C (95°F) Shock temp. >43°C (110°F) and <51°C (125°F) ~2-5 days
    This is enough for worldwide shipping

    It seems to be a little delayed because one of our supplier don't have component we need for production. Now I plan to run it in January 2020.

    Yes, something like this. I'm personally use 3iu a day or 0.33ml
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    Packaging did look good. Also came with a pack of chilled substance to keep the product cold. Starting today at 2 iu.

    How long do you feel the wellbeing aspect of hgh? How long until fat loos kicks in?
  8. Logan44551

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    I don't get a well being effect.
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  9. OneQ

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    Already get your order? Do you plan to make blood test?
  10. jJjburton

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    I believe so. Yes
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  11. jJjburton

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    My baseline was igf1-218
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  12. jJjburton

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    I will post the paperwork when i get my bloods on 3 iu fasted am. Posting baseline and post hgh.
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  13. VaDImadi

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    Did you order blue or white?
  14. VaDImadi

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    My experience so far

    Communication is top notch, efficient and helpful

    Pack got stopped by customs, but still made it through due to their clever stealth shipping

    Seeing how the stealth shipping is done, I certainly wouldn't have any customs worries for the future and would happily order again in that regard

    As for effectiveness, too early to tell of course but will drop a review for that in a month or so, will also do my best to get bloods, I've got a mix of blue and white so I can potentially do bloods for each although the cost is quite high. Will see how my work situation pans out

    But yeah, all good so far, no issues with packs landing
  15. jJjburton

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    I got the premixed. I guess blue
  16. OneQ

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    Thank you guys !


    One very importatnt thing you should know before you buy our products. Our hgh (white and blue) is very complex HGH with protection matrix against: sunlight, high/low temperatures, shacking etc... some customers (~2-3%) faced with immune reaction or individual intolerance in injection place like: red welts, painful injection, painful bumps. It may caused by any addtional compound in the formulation. Here is:

    Blue - water, phenol, rGH, polysorbat 80, citric acid, sodium chloride
    White - rGH, tween 20, sodium chloride, glycine, phosphate buffer PH7

    If you have a reaction to Blue - White may be good for you. Or if White feels bad - Blue might be OK. (I remeber 2 customers who have reaction to White and don't have reaction to Blue)

    So before you order a lot of product - please make a trail order with 1 kit of product you want and be safe !

    P.S I'm personally have a bit painful injection on Blue but it's ok
  17. jJjburton

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    Switch from doing 3 iu to 3 iu AM fasted and 2 iu pre workout. I honestly believe I am seeing results already. 7 days into my first hgh blast. But will get bloods in 14 days to confirm. My abs are more visable then ever.
  18. VaDImadi

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    Good choice to up the dose.

    Are you on steroids too?
  19. jJjburton

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    Yes...Mast E, EQ, Test and var. For 12 weeks. But hit a plateu 3 weeks ago. Added HGH for 7 days at 5 iu the whole 7 days, the veins are popping more and the abs are visably noticable. I dont understand how people say it takes 6 months. When that was the only thing I changed and noticed a difference.

    Unless its placebo then thats one HELL of a placebo. Ill take it lol. If a placebo works I am happy. But I dont think so.
  20. VaDImadi

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    Personally I don't have any of those effects and I'm on 7iu per day

    I think it's because I haven't done a steroid cycle in a couple of years

    Gonna get on some test in a week or so though, because I've read many times what you are now witnessing, hgh has a synergy with steroids
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