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    Please expand on this...
    Would like to hear more info.
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    Premixed? Lol that would degrade so fast, by the time you get it it would be trash.also i call bs on the long acting hgh, not even pharma companies have made it yet and you will offer it? Fuck outta here
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    And vodka!! Yes. I can’t believe I forgot about that. Haha
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    That's true, if you mix powder HGH with water it will degrade fast. But if you make special buffer mixture like we do - no problem. That's why our premixed product you can store 2 years at 2-8°C (35-46°F) ~30 days with max temp 35°C (95°F) Shock temp. >43°C (110°F) and <51°C (125°F) ~2-5 days.
    About long HGH, it was made by Gensci - Jintrolong
    Why pharma don't produce this product now I don't know, I think it's too expensive to make official approval + there is no reason for real sick people to keep high GH level in the body for a long time
    You can read here:
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    Sure, this one for example, 2iu a day, baseline was 110
    Same guy for GH serum 5 iu 3hours
    He live in USA and use premixed HGH shipped from Russia

    This guy 4iu a day, premixed
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    Sure, what kind of info you want to know?
    May be there is you can find some answers, generally this is the same thing

    Also is there is a way how to post link to our site? We don't have accounts with info on it and don't have online customer base with information, so no one can take clients information
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    Why the fuck would I go to eroids for a meso source?

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    You shouldn't but you can if you want
    On Meso we don't have anything yet about us. Hope that we will see something soon
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    Not endorsing OP but why are you claiming premixed HGH would degrade so fast? Norditropin and Genotropin both come premixed.
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    I just have never heard of HGH Enanthate before! :p Lol.
    I’m too lazy to look up any information on it elsewhere. So any information you have just post it here. :)
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    I'm going to do a lot of research on this.

    But last time I checked... it doesnt exist.

    Would pharma be making it?
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    Bro I’ve never heard of it before. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist I suppose?
    Seems like some bullshit to me, that’s why I wanted @OneQ to expand on it with any information he has.
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    The drug is called somavaratan (Brand name)

    The idea was created by Versartis

    In March of 2018 Versartis FAILED to get the product to work properly and pass phase 3 of trials.
    This failure was devastating enough for Versartis to almost close down shop.
    They were acquired by Ararive Pharmaceuticals

    Who has still not moved somavaratan (Proprietary)long release GH beyond phase 3 due to technical issues.

    (History of product to 2018)
    Even they had issues and sold it to
    Ascendis Pharmaceuticals
    Who in March 2019 did a TRIAL and proved they finally had a handle on things.

    I'm sorry
    But I'm just having a REALLY REALLY fucking hard time believing that a UGL is succeeding where two multinational pharmaceutical organizations were totally crushed.

    While a 3rd still hasnt even released it (as of March 2019) couldnt find anything after that.

    A really really fucking hard time.

    But hey
    I could be wrong.
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    Lol this thread, @Silentlemon1011 so tell me again, how hard of a time? Lmao jk.
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    So the idea exists but that’s about the end of it? :rolleyes:
    From what you posted here I also find it hard to believe.
    Well, I found it hard to believe when I first read it too. :p

    Appreciate the time you took to do some digging on it bro! :cool:

    Interested to see what @OneQ has to add to this.....
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    Any affiliation with Qtropin? Same pre mix gh.. always wondered about this.
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    There is also a shitylty Chinese knock off brand of long release GH.

    But just like anything else in China.. it was.

    1. Stolen from western pharma.
    2. Probably shit
    3. Who needs human trials (China is best most powerful country in world, fuck you western capitalist fat cats!)
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    PEGylated HGH would seemingly be the term to google to find more info. I agree with the above commenters with regards to the likelihood (or lack thereof) that OP has access to this compounds. If I had to guess I would say any product that does resemble this "slow acting HGH" is more likely Ipamorelin or a similar long-acting secretagogue.
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    Many moons ago I had an abundant supply of Nutropin Depot made by Genentech which was a once a month time released HGH product. To this day that was the best damn HGH I’ve ever used and I’ve used plenty in my day. Google it and you’ll learn more.

    BTW, these guys have been around for a minute and produce phenomenal HGH, I like it A LOT.

    I’m sure my words regarding these guys mean nothing to most of you and that’s fine, but if they make it here at Meso you all will agree.
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    Definatly not going to chirp or blast you for dropping some knowledge.
    That's for sure.
    I'm typically more wrong about shit than I am right.

    Moving forward....
    2 things for the OP @OneQ

    1.) Testing incentives?
    (The incentives should be pretty fucking hefty for when you release the slow release product)
    I'd be willing to purchase and test anonymously if I get a decent reimbursement... I dint even know if it's possible for @janoshik to test for long release GH?
    If so, I would be down to give you guys a shot.

    2.) Respond in a timely fashion.
    It's not a good look that someone calls you out and you dont respond.
    even if I'm an idiot and I'm wrong, I still called you out and I would love an answer.

    I would love for a slow release GH.. and your prices are good.
    But we dont fuck around at meso
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