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    I think I remember this sample. I tested it like I would any GH vial.
    It came pre-mixed, if I recall correctly it was not shipped by any particularly fast method and I didn't test it right away.

    Compared to other pre-mixed stuff I've seen, this was a pleasant surprise.

    I also know jack about long-release and stuff.
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  2. OneQ

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    Sorry guys!

    I had some trip during weekend ~2000 km by car
    All questions about long-release HGH I redirected to our engineer who is in charge of all this process. As soon as he give me feedback I will post it here. Hope that he can explain the things

    About researches, unfortunately as you said we are not big drug company and can't make big study.
    At this time 10 people use long hgh more than 2 months (let's say some safety study) and results are good
    Generally endogenous gh or rgh, elevate IGF for transient period of time due to the fact there is need in everyday injections for replacement therapy. The soma long is the same rGH but with improved qualities which are preventing rapid blood clearance. So design and development of the molecule to aim copy action of normal GH, not over activating receptors in the body, but eliminating need in daily injections.
    Having data from our current safety study we didn’t see any negative effect on blood sugar level, we observed some improvement in HDL cholesterol and significant increase in IGF. Also we notify more rapid fat burning effect near injection area (in case of SubQ injection)
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    Our beginning promo here is actual:

    Price for Blue - 80$
    Price for White - 40$
    (Only international store, sorry)

    Contact me in PM or by email:
    Shipping cost 50$ for express shipping (free for 300$+)
    30$ for standard shipping (free for 300$+)

    Also fyi we didn't have any seizures 2+ years in USA/Canada/Australia
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  4. OneQ

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    Yes, 1 customer sent you our product to test. I posted here your report:
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  5. OneQ

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    Yes, technology how to keep the product in a good conditions are similar
    I think all who make premixed HGH use +- same technology
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    This is for the SomaLong product, correct? Do you have jano tests for the Blue/White products?
  7. OneQ

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    No-no, this report for pre-mixed product
    Somalong not yet released
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    Oh so this is the OneQ Blue, 45iu pre-mixed, correct?
  9. OneQ

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    1 vial - yes, 45 iu.
    1 kit contains 2 vials, each vial with 5ml liquid HGH
    In accordance with our internal hplc current batch contains 50iu in vial or 100iu/kit
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    Sounds like Qtropin which is aqua hgh or Simplexx shits got long self life and had it tested twice both times my igf-1 came back high. Its a bit of a misnomer calling it pre mixed cause it's not regular gh mixed for you to use but a totally different kind of compound.
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    So you will reimburse for 3rd party labs (Namely Janoshik)

    My question is, since this slow release is super interesting to me...

    Will you reimburse IGF1 bloods?

    I mean, it's not that expensive, but to be honest.. I have zero intention of spending my own money to prove that you have a good product.

    Namely, I would get Jano to test if its GH.
    I would then run a sample of 5 days after typical GH
    Then 5 days after your long release (once you start selling to the public.

    Does this seem like an agreeable way of testing?

    (This is mainly addressed to other members who know more about this shit than i do)

    Also, @OneQ
    You seem to be responding and learning from Members comments, good for you.

    Other sources should take note.
    I came out of the gate barrels blazing... but now I'm actually willing to try your long release GH when its released in November/December
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  12. OneQ

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    Absolutely agree, you (or any other members) have no reason to spend your money to prove our products here especially because you have trusted sources here.

    Usually we give 50$ store credit after someone make blood test. And additional discount/bonuses if test were done perfect, I mean if someone did baseline for IGF, used only GH and made test for IGF again after few days.

    I think the same way is ok here ?
    Yes, I would love to see bloods and lab.hplc for white and blue products and ready to spend some money on it
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    commenting here just to read more about long lasting gh later
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    I've run the lyphosized and the pre-mixed from these guys and pegged over a 460 igf-1 result on both @ 4 iu per day split. Source is legit.
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    Your last comment was made in January and you came here to post this? It does not look good.
  16. ECinfidel

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    Not concerned w/how it looks. Just noticed this source pop up amd figured I'd chime in.
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    me 3 with long lasting
  18. FiEnD

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    I'd be interested in getting the product tested but like already mentioned im not paying out of pocket for the product

    No idea how much testing costs. If it's reasonable I'd cover that part.

    Let's see how well you stand behind your product.

    Send to me for testing.

    Or don't.
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    Ordered some whites. Will send a vial to Jano to Test and follow up accordingly. Expectations are managed lol
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    Lol. Oh ok. Handle with 3 posts. Seems legit.