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  1. graciebjj

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    To be fair his English is a lot better than the Russian guy who is actually slinging the stuff
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  2. Logan44551

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    That's not really how it works and you should no that. If they know you are sending in for testing they could just send you stuff that'll test well and then send out a bunch of garbage afterwards. Testing needs to be done anonymously
  3. TNotch347

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    I look forward to seeing the results @graciebjj I’m glad your doing that. I’ll be following..
  4. graciebjj

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    What’s a couple hundo here or there. I’ll let someone else take a chance on the SomaLong tho
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  5. ECinfidel

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    Good call. I joined this board over 2 years ago w/the intention of shilling for a source. You're a genius.
  6. Playing the long game I see.
  7. FiEnD

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    If they agree to it then I know im going to be running good shit
  8. ECinfidel

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    Been waiting to strike. Now I can finally get up and use the shitter.
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  9. Silentlemon1011

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    Agreed... that's the way.
    Hence why I suggested anonymity.
    I use a tutanota with a totally different handle.
    Safety first
    Harm prevention second.

    Lol, comment of the day
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  10. Mac11wildcat

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    That wasn’t the accusation. It’s just that if you’ve actually been here for two years you’d know your 3rd post, random endorsement of a new source is worth fuck all.

    post proof of the test and this criticism is null and void ;)
  11. ECinfidel

    ECinfidel Junior Member

    I have just as much the right to post as anyone else. Your validation is not a precondition to do so.
  12. TNotch347

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    Ehhh sure you do. Unfortunately for you being here as long as you were and contributing nothing to the community and then come and say a source is g2g out of no where.. that’s where u lost all credibility.
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  13. ECinfidel

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    I dont have the right to claim a source I've have multiple transactions w/and run multiple bloods on is gtg? Sorry I read more than I post brochacho. But I'll do so when I want about what I want. Sleeping well tonight regardless.
  14. TNotch347

    TNotch347 Member

    See making it about you again, and it’s not. It’s about us. Nobody with half a brain would ever consider your review of g2g seriously. Get it brochacho
  15. Logan44551

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    If you got bloods on their product, you should post them up for the community.
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  16. graciebjj

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    Idk why people always be fighting. If an inactive user says “my bloods were great on these”, just ask him for the bloods nicely. If someone asks you to post the bloods you said were great, just post the bloods.

    Why are we wasting space and bumping this guy’s thread just to bicker. Now I’m guilty of it too, ugh. See you in 4-6 weeks with some labs hopefully
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  17. TNotch347

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    He said those magic words......g2g.
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  18. Let me correct you. You signed up 1 year and 10 months ago. Not over 2 years ago. You already have zero credibility.
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  19. OneQ

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    Let me please clarify a thing. When I planned to make an account here (after a few fails) I asked on the other board if anyone has an account here to get some advices. A few guys wrote to me with some info/rules and when I suceeded here I sent them a link to this thread.
    ECinfidel is an old customer from the other board.
    Just wait few weeks before we get some bloods and labs here, not need to fight :)

    And thanks @graciebjj for testing our white in the lab
    Waiting for someone to test blue

    Also promo still actual:
    Price for Blue - 80$
    Price for White - 40$
    (Only international store, sorry)
    50$ store credit for a blood test (after you do the test)

    Contact me in PM or by email:
    Shipping cost 50$ for express shipping (free for 300$+)
    30$ for standard shipping (free for 300$+)

    Also fyi we didn't have any seizures 2+ years in USA/Canada/Australia

    P.S how can I post a link to our site ? (if I can)
  20. TNotch347

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    Well I know you can upload a link to your site but it needs to be done as a code. I’m sure someone will chime in that knows more details on the how to.