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  1. Isn't that obvious? YES. Anyone that is shipping anythng needs an address at least. Not only do I keep customer information, I have had customers come spend their vacations at my house.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    What's the point you are trying to make?
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    Don't leave bro
    My proton mail is finally done took for ever.
    All my dudes info I erase
    Them go into my trash folder
    And deleat them for good.
    O was this question even for me?
    I'm deleating my safemail acc
    Going all with proton.
    I will be doing this tonight
    So anyone wanting to reach me
    Pm me and I'll give you my proton acc.
    Thanks to the dude who took this seriously
    I will post a thread again
    I said I would donait and some how I will
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  3. I appologize nophat. I don't know why they keep posting about me in this thread. Anyone reading this that wants to talk about me, please post in the unsolicited email thread and let everyone else enjoy their competition. Competitors, GOOD LUCK!
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    Thanks for answering I know all I need to know.
  5. I'm just curious. What difference does that make? I am in Mexico. Steroids are legal here. I answered your question, so please explain.
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    Explain what? U look out only for yourself.
  7. Not true. I take care of my people. If they need something and are a little short, I will help them out. I have had several people spend their vacations with me. And they always get what they wanted. And what they get actually works. What I would like you to explain is what difference it makes if I have my customer's information. How could I possibly fill an order with no information?
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    I want no one keeping my info, ship then delete, Do u now understand, n posting pics of customers, n my world a big no no.
  9. Well, if someone requested I delete their info of course I would. But nobody has ever done that. Actually, they usually want to call me, ask advice, let me know about their progress and their new goals, or just talk about things in general. I have a relationship with my clients. One of their most common complaints is that when they have purchased gear in the past from other people, they are not available to answer their questions. They don't let them know what dosages to take, what the steroids do, etc. Basically they get the gear a month or two after ordering it because it was shipped regular mail and are left to their own resources to figure out how to use it. My people get it the day after it's shipped and I am available to answer any and all of their questions. Sometimes when it's mailed they NEVER get it because it was never shipped or it was seized and there is no way to track it. You can tell where my gear is at any moment, from the time its shipped to the time its delivered. And they get it FAST.
    Anyway, I could go on all day. If you are uncomfortable with a source, don't use that source. If you don't trust a source, don't use that source. Just my two cents.
  10. Must be shitty gear.. That guy is fat as fuck and looks like shit. Pee Wee Herman, go fuck yourself, you scamming shipping info keeping motherfucker..
  11. The good ole roid user who orders without knowing what that steroid will due in their body. Sounds pretty smart to do that and listen to a low life drug dealer on how to use.. This story just seems outlandish.
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  12. He's a powerlifter. And if a person is a scammer, why would he ship anything? I love the way you guys always resort to insults instead of addressing the issues. Does this gear look shitty to you?[​IMG]
    You're right about the customer information. I will check into hiring a psychic.
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    Well nophat, I tried to stay focused and enter this competition of yours, but my ADD kicked in...I can't handle reading this thread any longer. I'm out bro. I will pm you for your new proton acct.
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    Yep right bc no matter what I posted you would argue "it's not me", so unlike you I'm not a fool nor am I selling anything!

    But then again your single neuron brain is being overwhelmed by what I've said earlier, bc people would be fools to believe the likes of a literal unknown as yourself is anything BUT a screw job.

    And that's how it is you need to established credibility and I DO NOT!

    Try again clown, lol!
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    Let's get this done
    Post a pic
    Name and a pic with date
    I will choose who won.
    This was a simple thread
    So as a man of my word some one will get the goods.
    Even the beginners post
    I along with 2 other members
    Will disguss the winner
    Was going to do it in a month but
    It went to shit so going forward with my donation we will
    Pic a winner. Is this ok with you members that want in?
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    @nophat, start a new thread as this one's pretty much done.
  17. You gotta love these people that claim to be doctors when they are not. The original email scally posted was over 3 years ago. So you know I have been around at LEAST that long, and it has been a lot longer than that. Maybe you don't know me, but I am far from being unknown.
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    You gotta love these people who claim to be legitimate AAS resalers but are out to scam people right DaSlob!

    We don't care how long you have "been around in Mexico" screwing mates in a country where law enforcement is NONEXISTENT, bc this is the U.S. and the forum is Meso and you have been here a little over ONE MONTH FOOL!

    And that doesn't count for shit, haha
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    From what I have read, @DAVID, nophat said this went to shit, do him a solid and get off tgis thread no matter what is posted and handle this shit as u said on the OTHER THREAD. That would show abit of respect for the OP.
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  20. I would like to, but I have to stand up for myself. Anyone who wants to say anything negative about me, please do so on the Unsolicited Email thread. Thank you in advance.