Parmacom Extreme Underdosing...Looking for a rep!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Seven07, May 29, 2018.

  1. He's been gone a year to this very day. May 30th 2018.
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    Oh well. Maybe the feds got him.

    Interesting thread to have reincarnated.
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  3. LOL. Let's hope not. i do find the coincidence between his last appearance and thread resurrection to be pretty cool.

    He probably went the way of the majority of noobs that found this lifestyle to be a passing fancy. It definitely isn't for everyone.
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    Your fucking funny
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    So what is the deal with this, was the product underdosed or not, i´m considering Pharmacom test e or c for my TRT and this does not help :(
    An now there is another guy saying he "feels" it´s under dosed??
  6. Did you... You know... Read the thread? It's only 6 pages.
    Hint: The issue was resolved.

    The feelz. Nuff said.
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    Fuck that feels shit. I quoted myself with bloods a few posts up. That's the only thing I listen to besides analytical testing. Now those bloods were from 2017 so things could be different now. And I haven't ran pcom stuff since then. But at the same time there is a TON of people always running pcom products. I'd assume we would hear a lot more issues if there was something wrong with a batch. And their batches are on very large scale production. Just my .2cents.
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    Weights and measures seems to be a solid choice
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