Parmacom Extreme Underdosing...Looking for a rep!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Seven07, May 29, 2018.

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    Wait but how is this possible according to dude they are the best lab EVER
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    Ahahahahahahah look at this photos from a member of ugbodybuilding guess they having a lot of issue this day

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    Ok you can’t just flat out say that.

    Pharmacom has inaccurately dosed their product before based on AL.
    Just cause it’s overdosed doesn’t mean they can’t just as easily underdose.
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    Show me when/where it was ever that SEVERELY under-dosed -- you skipped some of the details of my statement brother.

    For the result to be as low of a result as posted would mean the original poster was only getting TRT dosage of Test from what he thought was 600mg (I think he said he used 2cc of the 300mg/mL product) each week.
    Even real pharma FDA approved products deviate some small +/-% vs label claims from batch to batch.
    However, that result he posted could only come from a VERY SEVERELY under-dosed vial (at least less than 50% of label claim) NOT something within normal acceptable derivations.

    I can, with confidence, flat out say that there is no way this was the case; there is ZERO chance that a genuine Pharmacom product is severely under-dosed (enough error to give this result).
    Show me a HPLC result that proves my statement false and I will concede and be happy to thank you for correcting me.

    We have already found that the original poster was using 200mg of Prop a week on accident (he was confused and mixed up his vials).
    So it was a false alarm.
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    Also, like I mentioned before, there are 1000s of vials in a batch.
    If anything ever was this severely inaccurate we would see many bloodworks coming back low from customers on all the boards -- not just one result.

    This was an innocent mistake by the user mixing up vials that were not labeled (stealth) and using 100mg/mL prop but thinking he was using 300mg/mL Enanth.

    Just a misunderstanding and has been completely cleared up.
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  6. X2 For those that need reminding...
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    I understand everyone’s point of view but RT has made amazing points to anyone’s concerns and has handled it in my understanding the most professional way possible. He answered any questions or harsh statements towards him with a sense of professionalism that I have never seen which was awesome and I give him a lot of credit for it as I would of been pissed as fuck if 737485 people were coming at me like that.
    Second we still need to understand is he’s right , if one person is having bad bloods from a vial in a batch , everyone would. And he cleared that away with a Huge misunderstanding on the buyers part.

    On that note , happy Monday and kudos RT for being awesome!
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    Can vegans be vegans with a mouth full of tube steak??? Serious question:p
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    I guess it depends if you spit or swallow.
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    I think its like Clinton smoking pot if you don't inhale it doesn't count.

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    I was always more of a chopped meat kind of guy :p.
    But to answer your “serious question” I don’t like dick in my mouth lol
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    Hey guys,

    First time post after much reading on this thread as well as others. I am having a similar issue with Pharmacom test c, which was verified as legitimate on there site. I was on Alpha Pharma test c previously for two successful cycles. I switched to Pharmacom for my second cycle, heard great things about them. After starting with 1 ml 2x per week, I am now having to take 1.5 ml 2x per week of their test c 250 just to maintain weight and shape on an extremely regimented diet and training program. Everything has remained constant so thought it was safe to assume gear was underdosed. Their shipping and customer service is phenomenal, and would love to continue use. But for the premium you pay, I would expect consistency. Let the roasting of a first time poster begin!
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    After re reading this thread a little im beginning to believe that the OP @Seven07 and @7arthurv7 are same person. Same attitude, same reverse scamming bullshit, exc...Interesting
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    @Ryanislifting , if you purchased from basicstero then bring up your issue in there thread, they will definitely help you their. If you didn’t buy from them then I don’t think anybody here can help you. Good luck with your issue.
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    Pull bloods and/or send some off for testing. First time poster or meso vet doesn't matter when it comes to a feelz report without data to back it up.
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    Just a head up homeboy, tone it down just a tad. I understand u are frustrated but you ALSO are sounding a bit arrogant and hostile. I am not sure on what board it is that you post on or where you found out about pharmacom in the first place, but that would honestly be my starting point. Also if you order directly from their website, my question to you is why would you think that coming to some board that you have been a member on for like 4min would be able to help you out. I am in no way a genius, however l, I know that if I purchased something off a website, I would be searching that website for the contact us section and shooting them an email or message directly from the site itself. Searching for a rep is going to draw thing s out longer and tbh most of the time the reps are affiliated but the are in a completely different city,state, sometimes country., having nothing to do with web orders.

    Next, you are throwing out quite a intense accusation. Just because your bloods are low does not mean their gear is necessarily underdosed. So check it out, in order for you to make a statement/accusation, like you have. I would hope you would come packing much better evidence than bloods. Evidence like... an analytical lab test of the substance you have been stabbing yourself with. I am not in anyway shape or form calling you a liar, but please understand bloods really don’t mean a whole lot especially since we don’t know you. Nor does the rep. So if I may make a recommendation, before going gun-ho in a email, being all prideful and arrogant like you did on your second visit here at meso, look at other ways to prove your case... or don’t you can tell me and everyone else to go fuck ourselves. If you chose the second option, tread lightly, because you came here with a horrible strategy in hand, and even though you may not like it I am giving you good advice.
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    Is it me or did no one else see the bottom left hand corner or his blood test. Lol. Hey mr. @Seven07 aka Even Hansen. Wake up call. Before you post your bloods or any other personal info I. The picture I strongly suggest you go over it with a fine tooth comb. You basically implicated yourself in a couple federal crimes, your second post here at meso. However, you provided a beautiful example to everyone and all the noobies on WHAT NOT TO DO.
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    @Sp2.0 understood, thank you. Getting bloods done this week. Will post ASAP. Any recommendations for independent lab testing?
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