Parmacom Extreme Underdosing...Looking for a rep!

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    So I see that you are frustrated with your situation...and because of low numbers in your bloodwork. While bloodwork is a very necessary part of the AAS journey we all take, it's not why we take gear. We do this shift to transform our bodies...sculpt our physique...get big as fuck... etc. Did you grow on your dose? How much weight did you gain? Outside of some numbers on a piece of paper, did you get somewhere with the cycle. You must have been happy with something to keep blasting it into your body for 2 months right? Just curious
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    did you actually read the rest of the thread
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    Yes bro I read the whole thread. Why do you ask?
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    You're welcome.
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    I appreciate it. I did not read the Pharmacom thread...I read through all of this one is what I meant. I was just asking about his actual physical results, not his blood work. I asked because nowhere in THIS specific thread does it talk about before and after weight, before and after bf%, before and after strength...nothing. it only talked about some blood work results that could have involved human error in one or more areas(which in this case it looks like that happened do to stealth packaging) Anyways I wanted to know what results he got physically since he decided to pump a compound into his body for 8 full weeks, and then decided it was underused after he was do e because of some bloodwork. Hope you see my point. Appreciate you showing me the portion of the other thread.
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    Underdosed I meant, not underused
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    No problem, just was helping to clarify! And yes normally by 4-5 weeks you can "feel" if something is off. Wait until 6 weeks then get bloods, and then proceed from there.
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    Then where are all the other complaints from customers using that batch???
    And, No, they are NOT "just like the rest of them."
    Only a very small number of very large labs have this level of equipment and large scale production.
    Are you new to all this???
    do you truly believe an individual guy filling vials with a hand pump in the garage or his basement is the same as a lab with sterile automated production lines, on staff chemists, an MD to answer questions, and multiple sites in multiple languages to serve customers in most countries?
    IF that is all the same to you then you obviously ruin your own credibility.

    Here are some ways Pharmacom is different than other labs:

    1. Oil, by nature, contains small water particles. When present in the cooking oil you use at breakfast there's little need for concern. But those same water particles present in an oil you are about to inject present a far greater problem. You might know what can happen if you attempt to mix 1ml of oil and 1ml of water for injection. But that's only the beginning, the water itself is also a very good medium for bacteria to reproduce - in stark contrast to sterile oil. Therefore, we put great care into oil dehydration to minimize all potential health risks however slim. Many cheap oil-based steroids cannot offer the same guarantee. Pharmacom Labs remains one of the few manufacturers that can offer these measures with high-performance equipment at a decent price!

    2. Are you aware of how and under what circumstances some other labs filter their final products? Syringe filters are often used in lesser quality labs, but they are not reliable; a proper filter would need to be at least 22 micrometers as a minimum. If you imagine the process of sieving oil through a filter of an average size to meet commercial demand, you would need at least 600 kPa of pressure. This is simply impossible without sufficient equipment, custom fit vacuum pumps or compressors designed for pharmaceutical use, a pressured air dryer, a large quantity of filters including cyclons. No labs selling cheap products possess this cost prohibitive professional equipment.

    3. Do you know if and how other manufacturers avoid double bond (olefinic bond) sequences in ethyl oleate? How do they avoid fast oxidation?
    This olefinic bond is the cause of a so-called "unsaturated condition" of EO - all unsaturated acids are highly attracted to all olefin-type combination reactions. Most labs use standard vials and rubber caps purchased from ordinary online supply stores. But ethyl oleate as a solvent can react with rubber causing its oxidation. With time, as you might have guessed, the rubber degrades.
    So we ask - how many manufacturers use a non-toxic, hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber which additionally mitigates this shortcoming? Are they even aware of it at all?

    4. Plenty of labs will be quick to tell you they use benzyl alcohol as an antiseptic agent, but do they know that it is truly only effective under very specific controlled conditions? One of the strongest conditions being the pH level of oil - benzyl alcohol loses its antiseptic efficiency at a pH <5 or >7. Do they have the capabilities to control for this? We have our doubts. If you use a cheap testosterone product from a lesser lab, your bloodwork may indeed reflect that it contained active hormone. But we ask you, what could happen with longterm storage of such a product? Believe us, you will not want to inject it into your body!

    5. What preserving agents are other manufacturers using against g-negative bacteria - if they are even using them at all?
    Benzyl alcohol, while effective against g-positive bacteria, is not sufficient against g-negative bacteria which have a thicker cell membrane making them resistant to not only BA but many preserving agents in general. While we cannot disclose the specific technologies we use as part of our production secret, we guarantee we have the means and the will to use them in our oils.
    Neglecting the use of parabens, chlorobutanol, and other such agents clearly implies clandestine production, typically with the intent to sell as many products as possible with minimal expense - no longterm strategy of precautions. Whether or not a customer intends to use a product two or three years down the road is certainly of no concern to them, which poses a serious question of concern to consumers.
    So we have to reiterate: we have the industrial scale equipment and the technical prowess to ensure all of these standards - and plenty more we cannot disclose. But with that comes a greater cost than what you would find in lesser clandestine labs.

    Show me a garage UGL with production such as this:

    Pharmacom Analytic testing results:
    Go ask you local little ugl to see his HPLC results or production facility (maybe he won't show you for security reasons so just ask for some video of the equipment).

    But if it is all the same then you are free to go buy whatever you like better -- I myself still use multiple labs for some specific items because there are a couple good labs I like -- I wish you the best of luck with your own preferences.

    How is it pathetic?
    The original poster asked for rep
    And, I am 100% open regarding working for Pharmacom, being a LONG time customer (customer for years before ever working with them), have personally sent multiple anonymous samples for analytic testing, and having enjoyed great personal results using their products.
    Announcement / disclosure working with Pharmacom

    I think it is pathetic that one low blood test result is all the evidence some of you feel is enough to prove a claim.
    Anyone can make am innocent mistake with dosages or some may reverse scam on purpose.

    I will not repeat all the reasons why one blood work from one person means very little in regards to a judgment of an entire batch of products.
    Instead, I will use your own logic -- I have seen very good bloodwork results; therefore, one good bloodwork result PROVES all products are perfect.
    Therefore, according to your way of thinking, if we can find just one good bloodwork (it does not even matter why or how the number on the lab result was achieved), it is proof the products are good (See how ridiculous your logic sounds).

    Oh and please show me all the other complaints / poor bloodwork results, and/or analytic testing for the disappointing batch since thousands of other customers would have received vials from said batch.

    I am on most English speaking boards so feel free to PM me links to any other board as well where I may find the other disappointed customers that purchased from this batch.

    I have been wracking my brain trying to think of what could be going on (I genuinely care and I assume the customer is being honest so I am confused because I know the product is NOT underdosed but I also believe the customer).
    I have not yet had a chance to catch up on the other thread but
    the user mixing up a vial of prop and thinking it was a enanth sounds like a very reasonable explanation.
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    My point is brother they are just a ugl iv seen there set up ..... and underdosing is definitely possible ... i don’t pay attention to there thread because i don’t run there gear i have in the past
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    Makes since your a rep change ur tag ur not a member here ur a rep and nothing more ..... u take kick backs to protect them .... and them providing there own testing means dick to me .....
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    I don't think it isn't possible to be underdosed...but nothing in the context of this guy's bloods. Even at 20% underdosed something seems off somewhere.

    I personally tested 4 vials randomly and anonymously of PCOM's. All came back on the dot accurate.
    1 of those vials was test e 500. I hit low bloods with it..however the vial tested perfect. 497.

    Sometimes there are other factors involved.
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    I do not know of a way to change my tag.
    But I made the open announcement thread, I have messaged Millard, and I volunteered such info to you here -- No need to be disrespectful towards me as I have done everything I can to be open and honest; I am very much a member here and I am proud to be a member.
    I am a member first and also your peer as a long-time customer of multiple sources.
    There is a difference between working with a company and being a shill!
    I even mentioned that I myself use a couple other labs; I even post in support of other sources I use, and you will never find a post of mine with anything other than facts by which I stand.

    Facts are facts regardless of who they come from and all the HPLC testing and good bloodwork results over the years speak volumes more than one anomaly.
    Please show me the numerous others that are complaining about this batch if it is so under-dosed (thousands of vials are sold; someone on all the board must have bloodwork too).

    The original poster has already stated he may have been running prop instead of Enanth -- I think we found the solution to this mystery:
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  13. And i think you're straddling that fine line. When did you go from a technical position to a rep?
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    If u want to talk about diet and lifting maybe even ur experience that’s cool ... other then that ur views on labs mean nothing ur team Pharmacom
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    I have not changed any duties -- but I saw the customer was upset and wanted someone associated with basicstero to respond.
    Frank and Helper are not as active on the board and so I jumped in to reply because I cared and also because I wanted him to get a reply.
    You may not believe me, but I cared and spent a lot of time trying to think about what could have lead to the result he has.

    I find your comment insinuating I am acting like a Shill to be very rude toward me for no reason because all I have done is post facts.
    Maybe some of you are straddling a fine line of being a paid basher?
    (see how that accusation would feel if you are truly just posting your genuine beliefs -- oh, and by the way, while not likely present in this thread, there are without a doubt paid bashers that work for competitors).

    Shill hide facts, shills push products, shills do not care about members, shills do not openly make threads to announce they are associated with a company, shills do not go posting in other sources threads in SUPPORT of other businesses, and shills to do not admit they use other sources products. I could go on but I think you already know I a not a shill.

    By definition: a shill is an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others.

    In contrast, I am an educated man with a lot of experience in a related industry who chooses to think logically and state facts.

    Blood work is a great tool for the individual (necessary to monitor health markers). But one also must understand that the bloodwork is not perfect -- that is the trouble with the medical industry currently; Doctors worship a number but do not consider all that may have influenced that number including possible errors. I know guys that are put on blood pressure meds because one result while being upset and stressed at a doctors office shows high BP.

    The fact is a random guy's Bloodwork online means very little to me as an indicator of product quality (maybe it means something to you, others, or even Pharmacom; but to me PERSONALLY not speaking for a company, it means nothing).
    Any bloodwork can be very easily manipulated, each of us metabolize drugs differently causing there to be no standard, it can innocently have errors, or in this case it can be the result of a completely different product being used on accident.
    More importantly, bloodwork can not show true quality in terms of sterility, heavy metal contamination, other toxins etc.

    I know we all want the illusion of knowledge and the simplicity of a easy black and white world, but the fact is that the only way to know what you have is by chemical analysis such as HPLC and MS.

    So I post facts.
    I have always been helpful, open, and honest.
    I take the time to care about and help anyone.
    No one can refute anything I posted nor show me any evidence that the Test-E batch was under-dosed.
    The original poster admits he may have made an error and been using test-prop thinking it was test-e.
    yet, you negative fuckers still want to bash me lol

    Its cool though, no hard feelings -- I will just continue to deal in facts and logic.
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  16. That was a mighty fine speech. i believe you did try to figure out that one fellas problem, i'm not questioning that.

    i'm questioning you coming off as rep, when you say you haven't changed duties.

    Your latest replies, IMO, stink of Pcom devotion. You have your position and views on this and i have mine. i'm not going to argue with you, call you names, follow you around the board, etc.

    i call it the way i see it. i could be a little left of center on this one, that's very possible. Your future conduct will undoubtedly solidify my position.

    Until then, take care and good day, sir.
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    Brother, I would only work with a company that I already trusted and believed in and of many opportunities I choose Pharmacom because as a customer for years they had proved themselves to me.

    I stand by the products and the track-record and the facts, HPLC results, and years of positive feedback, are all independent of me.

    Yes, I use pharmacom products -- I am willing to put it into my own body so of course this is the ultimate sign of support.

    Nonetheless, I am ready to admit fault if/when there is one, I will continue to use some other brands, and I will continue to support other sources that have also earned my respect.

    Like I said, no hard feelings -- most of these issues come because of a repressive government that does not allow us the easy ability to know what we have -- we are all in this game together and I wish you all the best.
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    Do you Think that company gives a fuck about u ?
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    I dont have a dog in this fight but damn man cut down on the long defensive posts, it makes you look like a Pharmacom cheerleader.

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