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    Yeah I've had that exact pct for a run with prohormones wen I was like 17 or 18 it sounded good at the time but it just isn't as efficient as nolva or clomid ...listen dude I wasn't trying to come off as a douche if my first comment at all if anything I was trying to help ya out so u don't fuck ur body up and was just letting u know u could get terrible sides from tren and test alone would have given u huge results trust me I wasn't trying to be a dick cuz I know I don't like when dudes on here get all pissy with me for no reason u just pissed me off when u flipped out about me trying to act like a vet or whatever wen that wasn't my goal ...all in all I was just saying u should have done a bit more research before pulling the trigger on this game that's all
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    So my bad about all the harsh name calling
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    @DjX18058 I fail to see how you are a dick just saying the truth. I just reinforced it beats me how got a nice pass.

    Either way @Justinjoe25 get a real pct asap. If the PCT doesn't work as intended I would get bloods which you should get anyway regardless but definitely if shit is fucked up still that is the only way somebody more experienced can offer you advice and have a clue what is going wrong without guessing but I think you'll be ok if you don't take to long getting the PCT.
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    Yeah bud, my apologizes also. Not how I wanted to enter the forums lol. I'm cool if you're cool man
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    Yeah man all good
  6. You need to start clomid and nolva in 3 weeks and preferably hcg in 2. That shit you have is garbage unless it contains a SERM or at the very least an AI
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    It's not his fault ..it's the tren talking for sure ..lol
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