PCT to get balls back

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  1. Don’t know about the ache but I remember when I first noticed hCG working I felt a boost in libido, like my pubic are was all warm like when you get super horny, and an unexplainable feeling that my balls were awake.
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    Thats exactly the feeling bro! shooting first thing in the morning, by night i was super super horny...feeling my balls have something inside that want to come out! :D

    But i understand the friend who posted this. i had same problem. First cycle was perfect. hcg 1500iu EOD for 2 weeks then nolva clomid for one month, everything ok, balls bigger than before!
    Second cycle an on... something is fucked up...when i use hcg for soemtime size is ok but after this getting smaller. Clomid for 10 weeks at 50mg(didnt try more to have opinion) didnt help with the size only. All labs perfect LH,FSH etc... even ultrasound came perfect... but size isnt like it was before. But as fellow Rich Piana said...
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    hcg is good shit. I have been two weeks using it during cycle and I definitely feel an improvement in libido and more sensitivity in the penis. Just testosterone gave me crazy insensitive erections.
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    I can confirm after taking aromasin that the androgens messed with the hcg's drug effectiveness. From my understanding you want all androgens out of your system before starting HCG. I would highly suggest to not take aromasin during a HCG cycle its also very slow and could take at least 1 week for it to bind to the estrogen enzymes. I'm going to wait a while before I start my HCG cycle agian
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    hcg seems to be having the opposite effect now! My testicles are actually shrinking and clomid seems to be making the issue even worse. HCG stopped working after I took aromasin and now whenever I take it the testicles actually start shrinking
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    I've accepted the fact that I'll probably be on TRT the rest of my life. Do you think it's wise to cycle hcg occasionly so that my body doesn't get to completely used to it? Or just take it along with my testosterone every week.?
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    I dont think it would really make a huge difference either way, I would just try t ok be reasonable with the dosage and stay on until you're sure about the TRT.
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    After being shut down completely for so long, small amounts of hcg did nothing for me. Thankfully I'm not sensitive to gynecomastia o_O
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